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Feedback for Tangier

Feb 27, 2009

    1. Im posting this as I didnt see a feedback thread for Tangier but I had the most wonderful transaction with her buying her hound. He is gorgeous and Leanne is a doll , Not only did I get a wonderful boy from her but I made a fabulous doll buddy. Shes just the best and I highly reccomend her in any transactions you might have in future with her

      : )
    2. Tangier commissioned me to make some clothes for her Mecha Angel girl.
      She was lovely to deal with (quick payment, friendly communication) and we had a pleasant transaction throughout! :fangirl:
      I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her :)
    3. I purchased an Elfdoll Hyacinth from Tangier. She was super to deal with and kept me informed every step of the way. I would love to deal with her again. Thanks so much!
    4. Tangier bought some wigs from me, she is very friendly and paid straight away, i'd be happy to sel to her again:)
    5. I recently sold a doll to Tangier and could not have asked for a better transaction! Communication was awesome and friendly and payment was quick. I would not hesitate to enter into another transaction with Tangier in the future and recommend her to everyone, she's fantastic to work with!
    6. Tangier bought MacBook Air, iPhone and gun for SD size from me.
      all transaction are smooth and great, Tangier is friendly, PM and payment fast. positive 100%
      I highly recommend her:aheartbea and Hope can deal with her again.
    7. Tangier commissioned me for a faceup, and everything went swimmingly. A sweet person and reliable customer. I'd be happy to work with her again anytime! :)
    8. Another commission for Tangier, and everything went perfectly as before. Thanks again! :)
    9. Tangier bought a doll from me. Fantastic, friendly communication and super fast payment. She was wonderful to deal with. I would very happily do business with her again and I highly recommend her.
    10. Tangier bought a Soom Ender on layaway from me. Her payments were always on time and she let me know once the doll arrived. Thanks :)!
    11. Tangier bought a Spiritdoll Abies head off me, the transaction went smoothly and she was a pleasure to deal with. she was prompt with her replies and paid super fast!
      thank you! i hope you enjoy your new boy!
    12. I just completed an awesome transaction with Tangier. Prompt payment and funny, interesting, and engaging conversations.
      Thank you!
    13. I had a very woderful international transaction with Tangier. All PMs were answered fast, nice and polite. All payments were made on tme (the last one was in advance). She was very patient. She even send me pics of of the doll when she got it.

      I would definitely love to deal with her again and would definitely recommed as a buyer to anyone.

      Thank you Tangier for taking Frajiv into your home and doll family.
    14. Sold a doll with layaway to Tangier. There was a shipping hiccup but she handled it quite well. Kind and professional. Thank you!
    15. Tangier recently bought a doll (Soom Faery Azur) from me and the whole process was very pleasant. She was prompt with her payment and communications. This is my first time selling a doll or anything BJD related and I am so glad my first transaction took place with such a nice and thoughtful person. Also I take comfort in knowing that Azur went to a good home.

      Thanks Tangier! :)
    16. I sold Tangier Soom Fairy Metato with the short time layaway. The deal was good. Tangier made payments much faster then our plan was. She is great in communication (fast answers, interesting links and ideas due to discussion). Pleasure doing business. Thanks and best wishes.
    17. Tangier bought an AIL Bertram head from me and the transaction was perfect from start to finish. She paid promptly and let me know when the head arrived safely. She is so fun to chat with and a lovely person. So glad to have met you Tangier! Thanks again!
    18. Sold Tangier my Soom Bazael/ DOI Body hybrid. Layaway over 3 months, paid consistently and fast, communication was quick and open. I would work with them again!
    19. Tangier is a real treasure. :aheartbea
      He bought me a Leeke Patrick head. He is patient, kind, cute, great buyer.
      We could talk about everything. I found it in the person of a very good friend. I know you will love Patrick. I'm happy. :D
    20. I have to say, this is the longest feedback message I've ever had to leave on DoA.

      Tangier is the sweetest, most reliable buyer I have ever dealt with here on DoA. I feel like a fool for not posting in here earlier, but she has bought two dolls from me. The first time she paid up front promptly, and the second time she did a layaway to which she paid all payments on time. After the dolls arrived, she proceeded to tell me how they were doing and even updated me with new owner pictures of her new dolls.

      I will never hesitate to do business with her!