Feedback for tangy_melon

Apr 29, 2012

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      If you've had a transaction with me please leave some feedback here!

      I would love it if you could write Positive or Negative above your response for easy reference! Thank you!~​
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    2. Tangy_melon bought a doll from me and everything went great. Prompt payment and very nice person to deal with. Highly recommended as buyer :)
    3. tangy_melon bought a wig from me. Excellent communication (despite some confusion regarding wig size), prompt payment, let me know when the wig arrived. Very friendly, definitely recommended as a great buyer! Thanks again n__n
    4. Tangy_melon bought some clothes from me. She was super friendly and let me know when the items arrived. Thanks again! :)
    5. Tangy_melon was in my beginner swap and it was a pleasure to have her in the swap ^_^. she made a wonder gift for her partner and was always updating me with her progress! highly recommend to other swap host!! thanx for joining !! ^_^
    6. Tangy_melon was in my Miro Doll GO and was great! she paid promptly and updated me on when her items arrived. she is very nice and even posted pick of her new doll!! highly recommend her to any other GO host!!! Thanx for joining in on the GO!!! ^_^
    7. Tangy_melon bought a pair of MSD boots from me. The communication was great, payment prompt, and she let me know when the item arrived ^____^
      A wonderful buyer!
    8. I took part in tangy_melon's Licht GO! She was an excellent GO leader and everything was well organized. He communication was fast and she did a great job of keeping us updated. Thank you so much!
    9. I was also part of tangy_melon's Licht GO. High praise for her as a GO leader, it was very well organized and she updated us with all the information she had. I would definitely participate in another GO run by tangy_melon!
    10. I was part of Tangy_Melon's Licht wig GO. She was a great GO leader, keeping everything well organized. She was quick with updates and let me know right when the order was shipped. I would definitely participate in another GO with her!
    11. Tangy_Melon bought a Dollfie Dream body from me. She was quick with communication and paid right away! An A++ transaction!
      Thank you!
    12. ~~ Took part in my May Dollmore GO, Everything went super swell! Thank you ! ~~
    13. I sold tangy_melon a Dollfie Dream #3 head and she was very nice and easy to talk to through the whole transaction! She sent the money on a timely manner and was very patient ^^
    14. I sold a wig to tangy_melon. Lovely buyer to work with and a perfect transaction all around! I would happily work with tangy_melon again anytime, thank you!
    15. Tangy_melon bought a SD Carrying Case from me and everything went smoothly and wonderfully! Communication was great, payment was on time, and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would love to do more business with her! Thanks again! :D
    16. I purchased a Mirodoll 41cm body from tangy_melon and it was a flawless transaction. Prompt shipping, fantastic communication, and all around excellent! Highly recommended!
    17. tangy_melon commissioned me to paint two of her doll heads - Withdoll OE Juwel head and Volks DDH-03. She was really patient and friendly, thus the whole transaction was smooth and communication was absolutely pleasant!
      I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again in the future! Thank you so much :aheartbea
    18. I have purchased a pair of cute msd boots from Tangy_Melon. A smooth and pleasent transaction, thank you so much!
      I would certainly do business with Tangy_Melon again :)
    19. I sold a DDdy body to tangy_melon, and it was a great transaction - payments were prompt, communication was friendly, and she was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended! :)
    20. Tangy_melon is really nice seller.shipping, packing, and communication are great!