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Feedback for Taruto

Apr 7, 2009

    1. Figured I'd start a feedback thread since I may be dealing with dollie items.

      Please post your feedback about me here.
    2. Taruto commissioned me to modify and face-up her lovely Cali. She was very pleasant to deal, the communication was great, and above all, she was very Patient! I would love to work with her again in the future! She comes highly recommended in my book:D
    3. Taruto sold a Cali Sleep head to me, she is stunning, and was very well packaged, very well protected, and its been just a wonderful transaction. I would not hesitate to buy from her again! Thanks so much! BeckyE
    4. Taruto ordered a couple of clothing items from us, and was so friendly, patient and understanding! It was wonderful working with you ^^ Thanks much for letting me know they arrived safely! I hope you and your girl enjoy them and hope to work with you again too ^^
    5. Despite the proximity of these posts, this is for a wholly separate transaction - and an excellent one! Just sent another order of clothing to Taruto, who's been a great customer for the second time. Let me know the stuff arrived quickly again, and was great to talk to! :D
    6. Taruto bought a Luts Lu-wen from me on layaway. Her payments were prompt and she let me know every time. Thanks for giving him a new home!
    7. I crumpled and purchased a Zuzu Delf Corni from Taruto.
      He came excellantly packed - lots of bubble wrap with all his original papers, clothes and props!
      Communication was excellant and the experience was everything I could want as a customer!
    8. Bought some clothes from Taruto, communication was good and the transaction went smoothly. Items arrived lightning fast and safely, would definitely purchase from her again. Thank you!
    9. Taru participated in my dollmore GO~ excellent communication, swift payment and very friendly :)

      I would love for taru to join any of my future gos!

    10. I bought a beautiful MSD dress from Taruto

      The transaction was swift, replies were prompt, and the seller was so very friendly. In other words; an absolutely flawless international transaction. :D

      Thank you so much!!:whitetruffle
    11. I bought a Volks bag from Taruto. Excellent communication and fast shipping. Would gladly do business with her again.

      Thank you. :)
    12. I bought a doll from Taruto. She´s a nice seller, always friendly and forthcoming. The doll was good packed with a lot of bubble tape and was shipped really fast. The shipping were higher as expected and she has assumed the costs for it. I would absolutly buy from her again.

      Thank you :aheartbea
    13. I recently was going to purchase a Delf body from Taruto, but certain offline events happened and I could no longer afford it. I was going to allow her to keep the deposit, however she was kind enough to refund me said deposit (due to the rl issues) and was very kind. She's a good person, and I recommend her as a great seller. :)
    14. Bought the cutest outfit (with shoes) from Taruto. The transaction was wonderful start to finish. Me and my girl could not be happier~!

      Emily: Yeah! I am very, very happy. *shows off*
    15. I bought a Feeple Cali -head from Taruto, and everything went perfectly. ^^
      Fast, friendly and the head was well packaged. (Pink bubblewrap! <3 )

      Thanks once again~! ^.-
    16. Taruto purchased a Zuzu Delf Lio from me - paid in full quickly, friendly, awesome communication :) Thanks so much!
    17. Taruto bought a wig from me and everything went smoothly. She kept me informed every step of the way and let me know when it arrived. I would do business with her again.
    18. I bought a tiny catsy from Taruto and it was an excellent transaction. Taruto is thoughtful and nice, great at communicating during the process and the little catsy is accurately described which is so important in these transactions. Thank you. A highly recommended seller!
    19. Taruto purchased my zuzu delf fenny, her payments and communication were very prompt and she was a pleaseure to deal with. Highly recommended buyer!!!
    20. Bought a wig from Taruto, great transaction would buy from again! Thank you :)