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Feedback for Tatterpunk

Apr 4, 2012

    1. Please post your feedback for me here! Thanks!
    2. I sold a MNM Jensen Ackles Head to Tatterpunk, and she was so much fun to work with! Fast payment, great communication...couldn't ask for a better buyer :)
    3. I sold some EID grunge leggings to Tatterpunk and she was great to work with! Paid quickly and let me know when it had arrived to her! A pleasure to do business with ^^
    4. TatterPunk bought some Dollmore leggings and a shirt from me. Communication was prompt and friendly, and payment was quick! This was a great transaction, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with TatterPunk again! Thank you so much!
    5. Tatterpunk bought an SID shirt from me and it was a very smooth transaction. Communication was good and the payment was prompt all in all she was a great buyer. Thanks again!
    6. Tatterpunk bought some dolly handcuffs from me and everything went very smoothly. Thanks a lot and hope they enjoy them :D
    7. I just purchased an Iplehouse Erica head from TatterPunk, communication was excellent, every step of the way. Arrived quickly, and I am most pleased. Thank you so much. :)
    8. Tatterpunk bought an Iplehouse SID Shane from me on layaway. Payments were early and communication was great. It was my first layaway as a seller, and it went smooth as silk. Excellent transaction.
    9. took place in my May 2012 Group Order. Everything went really really well would recommend to anyone, would love to work with again! (Sorry for the huge delay!)
    10. The head I purchased arrived very quickly, was excellently packaged, and was exactly as described. I would certainly do business with Tatterpunk again. Thank you!
    11. Tatterpunk was in my Dollmore Go. She paid her invoices in a timely manner and was a pleasure to deal with. ^^
    12. Sold a Iplehouse doll to Tatterpunk. EXCELLENT transaction. Good communication...would highly recommend as a buyer! Thank you Jenn!!
    13. I participated in an Iplehouse GO run by TatterPunk. Everything went flawlessly and professionally. Fast shipping when the items got to the US and great communication. Couldn't have been better. Thanks so much. Cheryl
    14. I entered an Iplehouse GO hosted by Tatterpunk and I was very happy with the experience. She kept in good contact with all of us and my wig came in just how I wanted it. I would absolutely work with Tatterpunk again. She kept the entire GO very organized and friendly.
    15. I was in Tatterpunk's Iplehouse GO. She was a great host with excellent communication! Everything arrived quickly and well packaged. I would definitely work with her again.

    16. Tatterpunk purchased an Iplehouse KID outfit from me. Well, all I can say is thank you for your kindness and patience. Wonderful, friendly with great communication. I thank you much and enjoy!
    17. I took part in the Iplehouse GO handled by Tatterpunk. Everything was very easy and clear. All information was provided in time during all the process. Thank you very much.
    18. I joined Tatterpunk's Iplehouse GO. She was awesome! Kept everyone updated frequently and mailed out items very fast!!
    19. I lucked out! I participated in an Iplehouse GO that Tatterpunk ran, and it was a great experience!

      Instructions were clear, all communication was prompt, and everybody was kept informed every step of the way. When the items arrived, we were billed promptly for shipping, and I got my items several days sooner than I anticipated. A great GO organizer, and I'd happily do business with Tatterpunk again in the future.
    20. I participated in an Iplehouse GO with Tatterpunk. She kept all of us updated and shipped items promptly. Wonderful to be apart of her GO! :chocoberry