Feedback for tattic

Feb 14, 2016

    1. Leave your feedback here, thank you!
    2. I sold Milhwa R from tattic.
      I feel good about it a good deal.
      Thank you!! ^^.... and... Late feedback, I'm so sorry.~ >_<;
    3. Wonderful perfect transaction! Went to smoothly and now have a wonderful soom Heliot head.
    4. I bought a kdf Bory from Tattic. Very nice transaction ,highly recommended.
    5. I bought a souldoll kanguk head with a layaway. Good transaction ! Thank you !
    6. I've bough a Little Rebel Svein head + Dollzone Body from tattic and all the transaction was fine and fast! All mensages answered promptly. I've done a layaway and everything was very easy and uncomplicated! The shipiment was made right after my last payment! Good transaction!
    7. tattic bought a Ringdoll Dracula Head from me and the transaction went very smoothly, very glad they let me know when the package was delivered! Thank you for a great MP transaction! :)
    8. I purchased a Soom Luna from Tattic on layaway and the transaction was great. Replies were prompt, friendly and polite. And I was surprised by how thoroughly well packed Luna was. Delivery was super quick, thanks so much!
    9. I bought a Peakswoods Troy from tattic and it was a very pleasant transaction! The doll was shipped very promptly considering the current global situation and replies were always very quick. I defo wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again :)
    10. I purchased a beautiful Luts Romance Elf Bory in TS from Tattic and he came in perfectly! Tattic was super friendly and agreed to a wonderful layaway. I would definitely purchase from Tattic again! Thank you!!