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Feedback for Teacupdreams

Jan 16, 2008

    1. Figured I would put this up here since someone asked me if I had a thread here smile.
    2. Teacupdreams purchased a wig from me over the weekend at our local meet up. She paid promptly and was very nice to do business with. I highly recommend her and would happily do business with her anytime. :)
    3. I brought a cloak at Ohayocon, it's gorgeous & very well made. A nice & easy to work with person for transations. Definitely someone to have clothes made by.
    4. Traded some things, sold some things... bought a few more... all wonderful experiences!

      Thanks, hun! ^_^
    5. I bought a cloak from her at a con and when I found a few *tiny* errors that only my OCD butt would notice she was more than happy to take it back and fix it for me! <3 On top of that she gave me some really, really cute clips to go with it. :3
    6. Ended up getting a 2nd cloak, actually a better size for my model doll, it looks & fits her great, as does the Kimono with under & obi. Easy & smooth transaction, great to talk to, also got a couple of freebies.

    7. ARG I dislike when copypaste doesn't actually work. This is the image meant for the last post I did.

    8. teacupdreams is easy to communicate with and our transaction was super smooth. Thanks dear! :)
    9. I purchased a cloak from Teacupdreams at AWA this weekend and she did a lovely job, even adding chain to the clasp to make sure it fit right, rather than just making it hard for me. And it was affordable, too! I wish I had a photo to post, I will try to post one when I can!
    10. I bought a doll from Teacupdreams at AWA this past weekend and we have made it home.:kitty2
      She is settling in fine and we have been seaching the net like crazy for all sorts of fun things she can have and likes. :aeyepop:

      i hope to have more pics soon and more outfits too for her:celebrate
    11. Yay I am sooooo glad you like her.
      She looks awesome.
    12. I bought a Hujoo Basic from her with other goodies she threw in from Ebay, wonderful and great communication. Thanks
    13. Bought Mira's first wig from her at Ohayocon :D So sweet, she climbed on a chair to get the one I wanted. x3 Extremely happy!
    14. Teacupdreams bought a punk top from me ^^

      Glad to hear that it has reached you and that your boy likes it!

      Great buyer~ Quick to respond to PMs and prompt in payment!

      Also very friendly and polite~

      Thank you!
    15. I bought several wigs, a few kimonos and some boots from Teacupdreams at Acen this weekend. She was super nice and helped me find exactly what I wanted. Great selection and just so much fun to talk with. Thanks so much! My dolls all feel spoiled now. :)
    16. Hi hi!

      I sold TCD a bobobie sprite. She paid for part of her at a meet and then the rest later. She was kind enough to be patient with me even though I made a mistake for when the payment was due. She was cordial and responsible through out the entire process! A true asset to the Den of Angels family!! Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy the little one!!

      DMM :kitty2
    17. Teacupdreams bought some eyes from me. She was very quick with payment and a pleasure to sell to. : )
    18. Teacupdreams purchased some items from me. She was prompt, paid quickly, and has a great attitude. A pleasure to work with. :)
    19. Teacupdreams bought some Dollmore shoes from me and was a model buyer...prompt payment, straightforward, easy transaction. Most welcome,
      Thank you,
    20. I sold a MSD shirt, shorts, and sneakers to Teacupdreams and it was a great transaction! Fast payment, very easy to deal with. ^^
      Communication was good, although didn't get a confirmation that the package had arrived until recent, though she was on vacation at the time it would've arrived.
      I still consider this transaction 100% positive and recommend. :3