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Feedback for Technostomp

Oct 10, 2009

    1. hey guys~ please leave a feedback if you've had a transaction with me. Thanks !
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    2. I sold a Ricky Helios head to technostomp :) She was really nice and friendly to work with, paid promptly, and kept in good communication throughout. A great buyer and a perfect transaction, thank you! :D
    3. Joined a group order organized by Stomp :D She kept communication throughout and the items arrived well-packed and in wonderful condition. Thank you :)
    4. Joined a Group order by stomp. Item is nicely packed and communication is smooth. Nice and friendly organizer~
      Thank you very much xD
    5. Sold a doll head to her on layaway;
      she completed it promptly - much quicker than we'd agreed on -
      and was a great buyer to transact with.

      Thanks again, technostomp! ^^
    6. I bought my Volks Heath head from Stomp, and he arrived very quickly and was very well-packed. Excellent transaction all around. Thanks! ^_^
    7. Bought a Popodoll 68cm body/jointed hands from technostomp. Communication was excellent and it was very well-packaged. This transaction was a dream, it went so smoothly. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a seller. :)
    8. Bought an IoS Anos head from technostomp. Communication was awesome, she let me pay half up front and half in two weeks, shipped really quick and he arrived safely and well packed! Thanks!
    9. Technostomp bought a wig from me and transaction was excellent! Communication was quick and friendly and payment was sent right on time. Thank you again!
    10. Technostomp bought my Volks Genji head with a short layaway. Payments were made earlier than I expected! Communication was friendly and she was patient with me trying to remember how to sell things. I really appreciated her faith in me. Thank you!
    11. technostomp bought a SD17 body from me on layaway. She paid promptly and the transaction went smoothly. Would be a pleasure to do business with her again.