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Feedback for Teh Nezumitoo

Oct 12, 2006

    1. I'm thinking that I should start a feedback thread for myself, I have my Ebay one, but I'll start one here too ^^

      so if you have done business with me, please leave. If you have any problems, PM me first so we can work it all out. I'm easy to talk to ^_~ If you are a buyer [or seller] that I've dealt with and wish me to leave you feedback, just lemme know and point me to your thread and I will do.

      #1 Nezumitoo, Oct 12, 2006
      Last edited: Jul 31, 2018
    2. I'm leaving feedback here too~ ^o^
      Nez and her chibi are very, very wonderful people! Eun loved his hat, and shirt... thing. XDD
      Everything was perfect!
      Thanks, so much, honey! <333
    3. This is a great seller! She's got great communication an FAST shipping! My girl will have a new outfit for the meetup! <3
    4. I bought some red eyes from Nezumi, they arrived quickly and are lovely! ^_^
    5. Awesome seller X3

      Very patient and understanding, the item was sent and recieved quickly.

      I'd recommend Nezumitoo as a seller to anyone!
    6. Bought boots...FABULOUS. Great price, great seller! Thanks!!
    7. Nezu rocks!! Good communication and excellent sewing skills and ideas. I would recommend her anytime! ;)
    8. LOVE the outfit!

      Nezumitoo was a cool seller -- friendly and responsive! Thank you ^_^.
    9. Great and friendly seller :) love the clothing! will definatly buy from again and recommend her anytime :)
    10. I bought a BW Juri '06 head from Nezumitoo. The transaction went wonderfully smooth from her friendly, quick responses to the fast shipping of my item. I'd definitely buy from again.

      Thanks again!
    11. I bought some socks from Nezumitoo and when they didn't show up (they still haven't) she sent me a second pair even though she really didn't have to. That's an awesome seller right there. :)
    12. I sold a head to Nezumitoo a few weeks ago - it was a completely problem-free transaction with quick payment and great communication. Thanks!
    13. I bought a DDII body from Nezumitoo and the transaction went smoothly, the body was arrived super quick..thanks so much!!
    14. Nezumitoo commissioned two pieces of chainmail from me, and she was great to do work for! Paid the deposit quickly for me to start on the work, and she was great about responding to PM's! Not to mention, I love her design ideas!

      Thanks Nezumi! I would love to do work for you again in the future!
    15. I recently had the pleasure of another transaction with Nezumi. She is great to do business with. :D I enjoy translating her wonderful designs into metal!

      Thanks again!
    16. Bought 2 clothes , and loved it!!!! Thumbs up for Nezumi ^^
    17. I recently recived doll-shoes from Nezumi,

      ~Elysion Gear
    18. super cool well made clothes and a really nice person. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from, sell to or have lunch with Nezumi

      Thanks :aheartbea
    19. Commissioned Nezumi for two scar mods, Faceup, Tattoo plus bought a pair of eyes as well, I can't tell you enough how awesome of a job she did on my boy and my friends girl. They both look wonderful. Kept in contact with updates and pictures. Making sure it was exactly what I wanted. Couldn't ask for a better person to deal with. Always very nice. Highly Recommended!
      Thank you ^^