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Feedback for tehbunnehfoofoo

Aug 13, 2010

    1. Please post your feedback here, thank you :chocoheart
    2. tehbunnehfoofoo bought some jewelery from me. Payment was prompt and she was a pleasure to deal with :3
    3. tehbunnehfoofoo purchased a set of various props from me. Not only did she pay promptly but she kept excellent communication! thanks so much! would love to work with you again!
    4. tehbunnehfoofoo bought a head from me. She was very quick to pay and communication was good at every stage. I would happily transact with this member again in the future ~ thank you :)
    5. tehbunnehfoofoo bought a dollzone body from me and she was a joy to trade with! Excellent communication, speedy payment- everything was great! Many thanks and would definitly deal with in the future!
    6. tehbunnehfoofoo bought a wig from me. Everything went smoothly and I would not hesistate to sell to her again :)
    7. tehbunnehfoofoo has bought from me Supia Rosy. tehbunnehfoofoo very good, understanding and responsible buyer. Money has been translated quickly. It was pleasant to deal with her. :D
    8. I bought a Supia Rosy head from tehbunnehfoofoo and she was a pretty good seller! The doll is beautiful and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again!
    9. tehbunnehfoofoo bought a whole set of coat, inner blouse and legging from me for her girl. She is a good customer, nice and speedy payment. Many thanks and would be very happy to deal with her again.
    10. Did a trade with tehbunnehfoofoo for a zaoll body, went smoothly and arrived quickly. She was lovely to communicate with and I would do business with her again :) Thanks!
    11. I bought a Dollzone 65cm body from tehbunnehfoofoo. She's a good seller, communication went smoothly and the shipping was as fast as it could be ^^ Thank you~
    12. I sold a head to tehbunnehfoofoo. Communication was clear and prompt and payment was fast. Many thanks!
    13. tehbunnehfoofoo purchased items from me and paid instantly. great transaction and highly recommend. many thanks!
    14. tehbunnehfoofoo bought bernard from me. She was very quick to pay and communication was very pleasant. I would be very happy to deal with her again. Thank you:)
    15. POSITIVE FEEDBACK!! :aheartbea

      I purchased a Dollshe Rosen head from tehbunnehfoofoo and she was extremely good to work with! She even included a free faceup, and was realistic about wait times. I received the head in pristine condition with zero damage! I would recommend her and would definitely buy from her again!
    16. Holy fricking crap. I cannot believe that I've been remiss in leaving feedback here. It's probably because I've been so blissfully happy with tehbunnehfoofoo's work that I just dropped off the face of the planet for a few months.

      thebunnehfoofoo sold a planetdoll riz head to me and also did a faceup on the head. Unlike Sicktress above me, this was not free. Let me explain. This fabulous woman used PASTELS to change a white skinned head into an EXACT MATCH of planetdoll tan FROM PHOTOGRAPHS. !!!! In addition the faceup itself is glorious, communication was top notch, and shipping was surprisingly fast. I would not hesitate to purchase items from or have faceups done by this person, and you shouldn't either! Thank you very very much I am so pleased!
    17. Thebunnehfoofoo bought a Feeple65 body from me, paid immediately, and was generally fantastic to work with. Thank you so much!
    18. Thebunnehfoofoo bought an EOS from me. Communication was friendly and quick, with payment made immediately. She was a pleasure from beginning to end. Highly recommend! Thank you!

      (OMG, I totally forgotten to leave a feedback for Tehbunnehfoofoo D: I'm really really sorry!)
      Last year, I commissioned a face up from her and the results couldn't be better <3 She's a very talented artist and got every detail of my character - the details amazed me, I totally recommend her work!
      Communication was easy, through Flickr - a bit slow sometimes, but she always replied and gave me constant feedback of the process. :) Shipping was also easy, because we both live in the same country.
      Thank you very much!!