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Feedback for TemariRoxMySox

Mar 1, 2010

    1. I can't find a thread for her so I started one. I comissioned a bed from her for my tiny and she was wonderful to work with. I may be slightly biased becuase she's my sister but nevertheless, she was a joy to work with.
    2. Hope this is going into the correct place as the link on her profile doesn't lead anywhere....
      I bought some MSD shoes from TemariRoxMySox, and she was very pleasant to work with. Would def buy from again! Wonderful transaction. Thanks again.
    3. TemariRoxMySox commissioned me to paint 2 doll faceups for her little Bobobies :aheartbea. She was a pure joy to work with. She let me know when she shipped them to me, was easy to get in touch with through out the transaction and paid promptley.

      Such a Sweetheart!!!! I recommend doing business with her, she's a delight!
      Thank you again!!! - Silver
    4. TemariRoxMySox bought some custom eyes from me, it was a perfect transaction :) thank you very much!
    5. TemariRoxMySox commissioned a wa-loli kimono from me for her tiny. She was a pleasure to work with and I hope to see her back again soon! :)
    6. Laura bought a Soom tiny head from me on. She informed me the layaway schedule and paid on the agreed time frame. She also let me know when she received the package. Thank you very much for the successful transaction!
    7. She bought me a leather jacket for 1/3. Fast payment, all without problems. A pleasure doing business with it. Thank you very much!