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Feedback for TennaD

Nov 9, 2007

    1. I did not see a feedback thread for TennaD, so I decided to make one for her.

      She purchased a buddydoll april from me, with winking head and full wardrobe. She payed in full on the exact day she said she would. She kept great contact with me, replied to all of my messeges as fast as she could. I would definitely reccommend this wonderful buyer.

    2. TennaD purchased a custom SD bunny hat from me. She paid promptly, and was lovely to do business with. Would highly recommend!
    3. TennaD was on my dollmore group order. She was great to deal with and had wonderful communication and paid promptly. Will definitly welcome to any future G.O.s with me.
    4. I did a custom pair of leopard pants for TennaD. She was EXTREMELY understanding when I had a bit of a delay, paid promptly and had great communication.

      Thanks so much!
    5. TennaD bought some tiny playsets from me and was super fast with payment and a great communicator. Highly recommended buyer :)
    6. She bought few items from me, and I did some custom work for her.
      Very sweet and lovely person, with a loooot of patience ^^
      So much fun to work with, and knows what she wants :)

      Teehee! Thanks for bearing with me! :aheartbea :clover
    7. Sold TennaD two pairs of arms warmers and the transaction went great! A slight hitch on my side (appparently I can't spell my own email address, lol!!) She was very understanding with me :) Thanks for a great transaction!!
    8. TennaD bought Tenten II from me. She paid fast and waited patiently. It's happy to deal with her.^^
    9. TennaD bought from me a red and black stripy dress I had handsewn :3 Very nice to deal with, good communication!
      A+ buyer ^_^
    10. TennaD commissioned me for two faceups. She was extremely friendly, patient, and pleasant to work with. She paid and communicated quickly. I would not hesitate for a second to paint for her again, nor would I hesitate to recommend her to other buyers and sellers. Thanks Anne; I hope you love your heads!
    11. TennaD was in a Dollmore GO i ran, was wonderful communication and paid fast! Would love to work with again!
    12. TennaD bought an yo-sd outfit from me and everything was wonderful. She paid right away and let me know as soon as she got it. I highly recommend her. i will buy/sell with her again
    13. TennaD recently commissioned a Closer Monster Dino set from me. She was always swift and friendly in her responses, paid quickly and waited patiently for me to complete her order. Then, after it was mailed, she let me know as soon as it arrived! It was a wonderful transaction and I would definitely work for her again.

      Thank you!
    14. TennaD was a part of my LeekeWorld GO. Payments were quick and communication was awesome. Great person to do business with!! :)
    15. TennaD commissioned a dress from me. The communication was very friendly and her answers quick and detailed. It was a pleasure to work with her and I hope to do it again. Thank you very much!
    16. I bought some doll clothing and boots from TennaD. She shipped the items very quickly and they were as
      described. I would do business with her again! Thanks!
    17. I bought a kimono and a shirt from TennaD and she was great! Replied very promptly, shipped quickly and I got the items super fast with a little extra to boot ;) I would definitely do business with her again!
    18. Bought a pair of SD pants from TennaD. She was extremely friendly and amazing to deal with. Fast shipment and she packed it with lots of goodies for me and my resin crew.
      Wonderful person. Awesome items and shipping speed. I wouldnt hesitate to do business with her again