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Feedback for tenshi_no_korin

Aug 3, 2006

    1. If you've had a transaction with me in the past, please comment with your feedback about the purchase/sale. Thank you!
    2. Tenshi and I traded BF Blossom bodies. the trade was super-smooth and the body arrived wrapped very gently and securely!

      by the way, I absolutely must see Amadine with her "new" body! :D
    3. I recieved my fuzzy hat very quickly. Wonderful transaction. ^_^
      Thanks a bunch!
    4. i just received a face-up by TnK and it was absolutely beautiful! i provided her with style guidelines and she followed through with them without problem. my boy came back looking even better than i had imagined him-- she knew the right colors to him really look really natural and alive but not too pale, and he's a Beauty White! would definitely do business with again. :)
    5. My two lovely fur wigs for my banji boy arrived safely and securely alot faster then expected. Top quality definetly. Easy to talk to, get information from.
      Will most definetly do buisness with again.
      Lots of luff from Iceland!
    6. Bought glasses from me, perfectly smooth transaction, thank you!
    7. i recently received another faceup by TnK, and my girl came back looking like a new doll! she did a gorgeous job, from the delicately painted eyelashes to making an accent on her smirk. it was like getting another doll in the mail. *_*
    8. Nice seller! Good communication and very prompt.
    9. Yet another perfect transaction with tenshi_no_korin, and I'm soooo happy that Nico is coming together in one piece again! *happy dance* Fast payment, awesome communication as always!!!

      Thanks again!

      CJ :fangirl
    10. I sold tenshi_no_korin a pair of extra hands. It was the first time I'd ever sold something on Den of Angels (or anywhere on the internet, for that matter!) and she was the perfect customer. She made the transaction so easy - she kept in touch and paid quickly. I would work with her again, any time ^_^! Thanks, tenshi_no_kourin!
    11. Tenshi_no_Korin bought a DOI Luke from me. Communication was excellent, payment was super fast, just a perfect transaction! I hope you guys enjoy him, and thanks so much again! :)
    12. Tenshi_no_Korin bought a white Tensia wig from me. She paid promptly and told me when the wig arrived. I definitely recommend her (^o^)!
    13. tenshi_no_korin commissioned a tibetan lambskin wig from me. Transaction was absolutely perfect!
    14. tenshi_no_korin bought a AR Joker Ren from me. Very sweet to deal with, absolutely loved the opportunity to do so! Payment was straight away, just as promised. Patient and sweet! Couldn't be happier selling him to her!
    15. Tenshi organized a MNM for Miles Edgeworth perfectly and flawlessly. He arrived today in super-duper gorgeousness <3

    16. tenshi_no_korin did an awesome job leading the MNM Edgeworth order group. All was clear and perfect, with excellent communication, very fast on news, and super-friendly all time.
      Loads of thanks!!
    17. Tenshi_no_korin recently organised a Miles Edgeworth minimee go, and I have nothing negative to say about it. :3 Tenshi kept us up to date with every new development in thread and via PM's and has been very patient with us as well when there was confusion in the ranks.
      I wholly recommend tenshi_no_korin as a go-leader.
    18. Like Karakal, I was in the Miles Edgeworth MNM group order that was organized and led by tenshi. I am absolutely satisfied and pleased with the way she handled it and kept everyone up to date on news from Denny/DIM. tenshi-no-korin is excellent to work with and I wouldn't hesitate for an instant to do another group order or buy from her. (Granted, I need monies first, bwuaha!)

      Thanks again! I know everyone will love their Edgy's, and I can't wait to see how yours turns out. ^_^
    19. Like the others, I was in the Miles Edgeworth MNM GO, tenshi did a fabulous job with arranging the order and keeping everyone updated with what was going on, definately someone I'd go to again for a GO!
    20. I was in the MNM that had the miles edgeworth head. Everything went smoothly and i have no concerns about her being a great GO leader. Thanks a lot!!

      Everything was also updated as well as time went on, even if she was not going to be able to use a computer, she let us know so that we knew she wasnt going to respond right away.

      Overall an A+ Transaction!! heh!