Feedback for Tephra

Jul 21, 2009

    1. If we've bought/sold/traded something this is the place to comment. :)
    2. Tephie has knitted a blanket and a fish hat for my boys. Her quality is suberb and her attention to detail excellent.
    3. Tephra made Ryuichi this SUGOI hat that I saw and he demanded to have after love at first sight. She even went through the trouble of finding the creator of the pattern and asking permission to make it for him.:D

      Talk about a perfect fit, he can't wait until winter so he can wear it!

      I can't wait until I find something else you can make for him, your quality and workmanship is superb, and the lines of communication were WIDE open!

      Everyone should have something made for them by you! :D :aheartbea