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Feedback for Tera Rose

May 13, 2010

    1. So I am relatively new to DoA with my sales, but I hope to have some smooth sales! Please feel free to comment if the sale has gone well, or if there were any problems!

    2. Great seller! Incredibly helpful and patient with me, and great communication at all times through sale and shipping.

      Thank you so much for my new girl ^_^
    3. Sold a Luts Lishe to Tera Rose recently. She's nice and has excellent communication! Prompt payment too!
      She's great to trade with. Hope to trade with you again. :)

    4. I sold/traded my Ai's hoves to Tera Rose and she went the extra mile and included extras on her side of the deal. :) Very sweet, would do business again!
    5. Irony, I bought the hooves mentioned above. lol Shipped out quickly, with an excellent amount of bubble wrap and even some extras. Excellent seller and thanks so much!
    6. Tera Rose traded with each other, my eyes for her MSD shirt and pants. Communication was excellent and shipping was super fast!! She even added 4 cute necklaces for my dolls!! Will do business with Tera Rose anytime.
    7. Tera Rose bought a pair of boots from me and the transaction was fast, smooth and I found her a very friendly person. Glad to have had the chance to meet her through the marketplace here on DoA.

      Sorry about the hassle with the size of the boots.
    8. I participated in a two part trade with Tera Rose and it went perfectly! I would not hesitate to do business with her again! She's a wonderful person to deal with, very trustworthy, and super sweet to boot! Thanks so much!! :D
    9. I traded some items with Tera Rose. I sent her some MSD clothes and glass eyes, and she sent me a pair of Volks boots and some necklaces.
      A perfect trade! ^_^ Thanks, Tera Rose!
    10. I completed a trade for some MSD boots for MSD clothes, and it was very successful! The boots were so well packed! A good transaction, thanks!
    11. I traded a few items with Tera Rose.
      Friendly communication and smooth process. Awesome to deal with.

      Thank you so much. ^^
    12. Did a trade with Tera Rose for a bunch of things in my clothing thread.
      The package arrived quickly and the dress I got from her is beautiful on my mnf.

      It wasnt sent the way we had agreed on but it got here swiftly none the less and in one piece. (I understand school and life in general can be stressful and its easy to forget these things. XD)

      Overall a perfect trader. Wouldnt hesitate to do business with her again.
    13. I made/sold a few wigs to Tera Rose, it was a great transaction and fun for me!!! I recommend her as being honest and dependable
    14. Traded wigs with Tera Rose, excelent transaction. she shipped her item quickly, kept in contact and let me know when the wig I sent her arrived. A++
    15. Tera Rose purchased a Soom Teenie Gem Girl from me on layaway. Communication was flawless and payments were made promptly. An excellent buyer to match an excellent transaction. She was a pleasure to deal with and I recommend her for anyone. I'd work with her again without hesitation! Excellent. :)

      Thank you so much! ;)

      :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~
    16. Me & tera rose did a trade for som dollie items! Everything arrived in tiptop shape (she made me some necklaces) & I adore them! Thanks so much!
    17. Lovely Transaction! We had a trade, everything went wonderful and I'd love to do business with her again. Thanks again so much dear! I hope your kiddos loved the items.
    18. I sold a head to Tera Rose, she is a great buyer. She is very friendly, polite and great communication. I recommend her.
      Thanks very much!!
    19. Tera Rose and I just finished another trade. She shipped quickly, and everything was well packaged. :)
      Two great transactions now; I would not hesitate to buy from/trade with again!
      Thanks, Tera Rose!
    20. I traded a KDF event head 2010 head for an soom ai head with tera rose. She's a nice and friendly person. Also, she send me some extras gifts that i loved! Excellent communication. Everything was perfect :D I recomend her as a trader ♥