Feedback for Terry Duennenberg

Apr 8, 2017

    1. This thread is for any feedback for Terry Duennenberg.
    2. Terry purchased an Iplehouse Benny from me on layaway. Everything went very smoothly; she answered messages quickly, paid all payments on time or ahead of time, and let me know once the doll arrived. Wonderful buyer, would gladly do business with them again.
    3. Terry bought my Soom Chalco from me. She paid immediately and was fantastic with communication. Totally smooth transaction and an absolute pleasure to do business with! I would happily do business with her anytime. Thanks so much & I hope you enjoy Chalco! :)
    4. I sold Terry Duennenberg a lot of 3 toy guns. Overall it was an excellent transaction. All communication was fast and friendly. Payment sent very timely and I was notified as soon as the items arrived. I would be happy to sell to again and would definitely recommend as a buyer. Thanks very much for an overall flawless transaction! :thumbup
    5. Positive feedback for Terry Duenneberg. They purchased my Iplehouse Ryan and the transaction was flawless. Excellent communication, great payment. Thanks so much!
    6. Sold a Luts wig to Terry. Quick payment and great communication :) Awesome buyer! Would sell to again! Thanks!!
    7. Terry bought a Luts Model Delf Avalanche from me and the transaction was fantastic. Responses were quick and payment in full was very prompt. They let me know when he arrived safely to them and were very friendly! Would definitively do business with again and would highly recommend!
    8. Terry Duennenberg purchased two crobidoll wigs from me. Communication was friendly, payment was prompt and Terry let me know as soon as her package arrived.

      Thank you for a smooth and pleasant transaction.
    9. Terry commissioned me to do a faceup, and it was an excellent transaction. Everything went smoothly: communication was great, and they were very easy for me to work with. Absolutely, I would work with them again :)!
    10. Terry Duennenberg bought MTVT Mermaid from me. She paid immediately and was great with communication. Amazing transaction. Highly recommend! Thanks so much :*
    11. Seller Feedback

      ♡ Type of Feedback: Positive

      ✭ Communication: Great

      ♡ Payment time: Very prompt, each layaway payment was made on time

      ✭Overall experience: Very satisfied

      ♡ Additional comments: @Terry Duennenberg bought a Supiadoll Lina from me, communication was prompt as well as payments, thanks so much! =^_^=
    12. Terry bought a Spiritdoll from me and was a pleasure to work with! They always replied fast, were very kind and polite. The payment was immediate and they let me know once the doll arrived safely.
      I definitely recommend doing business with them :D
    13. Terry bought a Switch Waseon head from me. They were incredibly kind and understanding and a joy to work with. They let me know when the head arrived promptly. Would absolutely work with them again!
    14. Terry Duenneberg adopted my Supia Ji-in and was wonderful to work with! The transaction was super fast, easy, and pleasant. I'd be happy to work with Terry again!
    15. I sold a wig to Terry and the transaction was perfect! Great communication and fast payment; I highly recommend her as a buyer! :)
    16. Terry purchased a Minifee Nanuri 17 boy from me and was overall very pleasant to deal with! Very highly recommended! Thank you Terry!!
    17. Terry bought a Iplehouse Milly from me and they she was super pleasant to deal with! She answered my messages very quickly and sent payment right when requested as well. Would definitely recommend as a buyer.
    18. Terry bought a Minifee Mir from me. The transaction went very smoothly and payment was made promptly. She also let me know when the doll arrived to her. I would definitely recommend her :)
    19. I sold Terry a KID and the transaction went great. Communication was smooth and prompt and I would definitely do business with Terry again!
    20. Terry bought a 5Star Doll Quintus from me and it was a perfect transaction. Payment was quick, communication was pleasant, Terry was even very understanding of my crazy schedule. I would absolutely do business with Terry Duennenberg again.