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Feedback for Teruchan

Jan 22, 2009

    1. Thank you For working with me!:D
    2. Teruchan purchased a Latidoll K from me. Everything proceeded very nicely, lots of communication and notified me when she was able to finish payment sooner than expected too! :)
    3. Teruchan purchased a MNF Shiwoo head from me. Teruchan paid very quickly and was pleasant to communicate with. =) A+
    4. Teruchan bought a Latidoll Red M head from me a few weeks ago. She paid promptly like she said she would, and the whole transaction was really fast and smooth and I'm happy to have worked with her. Thank you so much, and enjoy your new boy, Teruchan! ^^
    5. I Bought A ninodoll Woo. U head from teruchan, and the whole process went smoothley and I have recieved the head-exact same as I expected if not better XD
    6. I partially traded my SNG Hyul Shine head + cash for Teruchan's old version Lati Red body. Teruchan was wonderful throughout the entire transaction, shipped promptly, packed the body well and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again. Thank you so much hun!
    7. Teruchan joined my Dollmore group order and I could not have been more pleased at how the transaction went. She was more than understanding during the issues that arose, paid promptly, and kept great communication! Has my vote of confidence!
    8. Teruchan bought a Luts Summery head from me, and was lovely - friendly, prompt with payment and let me know when it arrived. ^^ Thanks!
    9. I bought SNG Hyul Shine Head from Teruchan.
      Teruchan answered everything I asked, helped me to find different express companies and tell the information of the shipping fees to me.
      Nice transaction!
    10. I bought a pair of 20mm eyes from teruchan. There was a flaw in the eyes, and she was both proffessional and courteous with the issue. I really appreciate the way she handled this, and I would not hesitate to recommend buying from her. I am thoroughly pleased with my experience with her. Thanks so much! :D
    11. I just purchased a mnf head from teruchan... it was a GREAT transaction, the head was just as described!!! Fast mailing and great communication rounded out this most excellent experience. Thanks!!!
    12. I sold a Lati Nill head to Teruchan. Very good transaction with quick payment and good communication. I would definitely deal with Teruchan again!:)
    13. Excellent and friendly transaction with Teruchan. Payment was fast, communication was excellent, and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks for an excellent marketplace experience!
    14. I did a partial trade with Teruchan and everything went great! :) They were very friendly, kept me up to date on everything and the wig I bought was well packaged ^^
    15. Teruchan bought a Bobobie body from me. She paid promptly and was a pleasure to deal with, would definitely recommend her!:)
    16. I had faceup done for my doll and omg she did FANTASTIC job!! She did it in a very timely manner and was so so so kind. Im very happy with everything. thank you!
    17. Teruchan bought a doll from me on layaway, no problems, all payments made on time and replied to PMs in a reasonable amount of time :) Good buyer, thanks!
    18. I bought a BBB lotus body from Teruchan. She packaged it in a very safe way and she even asked me if i wanted it stung or unstung.She replied to my PM's very quickly with much detail.
      She is a great seller and i HIGHLY recommend her!!!
      I am so happy with this doll and that she sent it out so very quickly! I would love to buy something from her in the future!
      Thank you so much Teruchan!!
    19. Teruchan bought a Napidoll head from me and the entire transaction was wonderful. The payment was superfast (really, I was very surprised) and she was quick to respond to my messages. I would definitely recommend her!
    20. Sold a body to Teruchan, and the transaction went really well! Very good communication. Would do business with again!