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Feedback for Tessalina

Sep 7, 2011

    1. Just starting this off since I am expecting a few feedback posts soon. :)
    2. Tessalina is a fantastic buyer. She bought my LTF Ante (basic normalskin), it was a very fast smooth transaction, I would definitely do business with her again!!!! Five Stars!!!!
    3. Tessalina: Bought her doll Solstice, Asleep Eidolon. Was a pleasure to deal with her. Prompt delivery, very helpful and very friendly. Would gladly have transactions with her again. Five Stars, too.
    4. Tessalina was no less than amazing in the process of me purchasing her Feeple65 Chloe with extras.

      In terms of communication, she replied promptly and told me everything I needed to know. When I asked what else I would be getting she gave me a full list which was completely accurate to the detail! She was even gracious enough to agree to have me come pick up the doll and very flexible with working out the time and place.

      What else can I say, other than the fact that meeting her made the transaction even more perfect. Such a wonderful and easy person, her messages completely convey her personality.
      (side note: the doll, and everything that came with it, is in an immaculate condition)

      I feel so happy to have met her and lucky to be the owner of such a perfect doll. She is no doubt a very considerate owner and that is not to be neglected when buying second-hand.
      Thanks again for everything!
    5. I just received a LTF Ante+Extras from Tessalina! It was a super smooth transaction and she was great about getting back to me and she is really helpful. There was an issue with my package just hanging out in customs for two weeks and she was freaking out right there along with me and doing everything she could in terms of tracking things down in Germany - USPS was the actual problem. Customs went through the box, but she was packed in there really well and even came with some bonus items! I absolutely love my new doll. Tessalina is the type of seller you always hope you are dealing with when purchasing an item.
      Thanks so much!!
    6. I have nothing but praise for Tessalina! I purchased a doll chateau hilary from her, and not only was she wonderful to work with but Hilary came with all sorts of lovely extras. Thank you so much!