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~Feedback for:(the wonderful) GoddessUrd!~

Jan 22, 2010

    1. I purchased a Luts Winter 09 Head from GoddessUrd and am happy with the entire transaction. She was great to deal with and the head was exactly as advertised. She packed it carefully and it arrived promptly and in great condition. I'm very happy with my Head. :)
    2. BEST SELLER EVER!!!!!!:fangirl: GoddessUrd went above and beyond for me! I bought a brand new Luts EL NS type 3 from her and he is amazing! she brought him all the way from FL to Virginia and he was beautiful, I would buy from her over and over again! he even came with his default eyes and a beautiful wine wig! she saved me the cost of shipping and the horrible wait, This person just got her very own fangirl for everything she did for me to get my dream doll! GoddessUrd YOU ROCK!!!:aheartbea I am also keeping his name his mom gave him, Ayame is going to be loved very much. Thank you again and best wishes!