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Dec 28, 2015

    1. Please leave any transaction feedback here. Thank you!
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    2. TheBodyVolcanic bought a Bobobie Ariel from me. She was easy to communicate with and paid quickly. A great buyer - I would be happy to do business with her again!

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    3. TheBodyVolcanic bought a wig from me and the transaction couldn't have been more perfect! The buyer was prompt, let me know when the wig arrived and even showed me a cute picture of her cute girl wearing it afterwards. I couldn't recommend the buyer highly enough. :)

      Thank you very much~! :aheartbea
    4. have a great transaction with TheBodyVolcanic , so friendly & fast payment..and she letting me know when the package arrived. I would be happy to do business with her again! highly recommended buyer:D Thanks again dear
    5. Excellent and friendly buyer! Absolute delight to do business with =] thank you!
    6. Participated in my Mako GO. Prompt payment and friendly communication. Would definitely work with again
    7. TheBodyVolcanic bought my Soom Volo and was really lovely to work with! She kept great commincation, paid promptly, and let me know when the doll got her. Would love to work with her again ^^
    8. I buy a doll from her and it was a perfect transaction, communication was excellent and shipping was fast and the doll arrived really well packaged and he is in great condition.
      I will definitely recommended her, Thanks
    9. Purchased a Picco Neemo from Volcanic on Facebook, and the transaction was perfect! They were very pleasant to speak with, and the doll arrived safe and sound.
      Thank you!
    10. Bought a Beyours 65 cm boy body from her. Timely and polite responses, and the body was well packed. Thanks!
    11. TheBodyVolcanic bought Volks DearSD Kun from me on a layaway plan. The communication was great and each payment was always on time. The entire transaction was excellent. Thank you
    12. I sold a SD10 body to TheBodyVolcanic. She was very pleasant to work with! Very smooth transaction. Thank you so much!XD
    13. TheBodyVolcanic bought a pair of Mako eyes from me, fast payment and great communication! Recommended buyer ^^
    14. I bought a BeYours Olive head from TheBodyVolcanic. She was super sweet, our communication went smooth, she sent out the head quickly, and she was really helpful all the time. The head got there safe and sound, I got a looooooot of bubble wrap with him! :'D

      I'd definitely buy from her again!
    15. I sold a Yo-Tenshi to TheBodyVolcanic and she was an amazing buyer! It was a short layaway, her communication was excellent and she is an absolute delight to interact with. I can easily recommend her to anyone doing business on DoA. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!:hollyberry:candycane:thumbup:candycane:hollyberry
    16. Just finished up a lovely transaction with TheBodyVolcanic and it couldn’t have gone any better. I purchased from her a Peakswoods FOC Dandy Tristan in Blue-Grey skin. He arrived safely and just as described. I’d love to deal with her again and would recommend. Thank you! :D
    17. TheBodyVolcanic sold a Soom lux/volo doll to me and everything went perfect! Shipping was super fast and she was packed really well and just as described. A great seller; I would definitely buy from them again :)
    18. TheBodyVolcanic recently purchased a Unoa Sist from me, and the transaction was a great one. Communication was clear and friendly and payment was speedy. Thank you much for being such a nice buyer! ^-^
    19. I purchased a SDM Mako Volks doll from thebodyvolcanic and the doll was well packed, the seller was friendly and flexible about trading wigs, and the price was really decent. Thank you, I'd happily do business again!
    20. I recently purchased a pair of DD Peace hands from TheBodyVolcanic off the marketplace.
      Super smooth transaction and would gladly shop again.