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Feedback for TheCandyMan (TCM)

Feb 26, 2008

    1. Feedback for TheCandyMan (TCM) aka Kris

      Allo everyone~

      Please feel free to leave feedback for any transactions (If I've purchased something from you or if you've bought from me) that occurred to let others know how it went.

      Thank you very much! m(_ _)m
      -TCM Kris
    2. Oh I'm the first!
      The Candy Man was a treat to work for.
      Thanks so much for giving me a challenge that was a lot of fun!
    3. I was looking through my feedback page and I realised I had yet to leave you feedback >O< sorry!

      TCM is extremely great to deal with ^^ He joined in group orders with me for an AbioAngel doll and a LUTS item order. Paid fast and is very friendly ^^ Trustworthy customer! ^O^
    4. Purchased a doll sweater from me at doll meet, good transaction thanks :3