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Feedback for thecollegefreshman!

May 27, 2012

    1. Thank you for leaving feedback! Really appreciate it!:fangirl:
    2. thecollegefreshman purchased a DollHeart dress from me, great communication and quick payment! Thanks ^^
    3. thecollegefreshman bought a pair of shoes from me and the transaction couldn't be any better.
      Great communication and fast payment. Thank you so much for everything! :XD:
    4. thecollegefreshman : She bought a NRFB Lati Deer Benny from me and her payment was lightning fast and she is such a darling to deal with :) A HUGE THANK YOU Adriana :) You are soooo kind :) HUGS

    5. thecollegefreshman participated in my GO.
      She kindly responded to all my PMs very quickly and sent her payment just as she stated. A great particpant ^_^

      Thank you!
    6. I sold some Leeke boots to thecollegefreshman and it was the perfect transaction!! Fast payment and communication was a pleasure :)
    7. I've had a pleasure to sell Volks YoSD Tanpopo to thecollegefreshman.
      She's been wonderful to deal with - very, vert friendly and professional at the same time. She made her payment promptly, replied every e-mail and let me know about doll's arrival too.

      Thank you for a wonderful deal! ^/////^
    8. I sold a yosd outfit to thecollegefreshman,very polite and quick to respond ...promt payment would recommend :)