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Feedback for Thene0nshiva

Apr 18, 2011

    1. Please leave your feedback for me, Thene0nshiva here :)

      Thank you very much!:aheartbea
    2. I bought a Rong boy from Thene0nshiva. Everything went really well and shipping was lightning fast! Thanks so much for a great transaction! :D
    3. Thene0nshiva participated in The New Life Swap, she shipped everything to her partner way before the due date and it arrived at her partner's home safely!
    4. Thene0nshiva made my doll a cute outfit for a swap! It got to me way before the due date and was well made. She's a great person to be partnered up with!
    5. I did a shoe trade with Thene0nshiva. She was great to do a trade with! Great communication and very friendly! I wouldn't hesitate to have another transaction with her again! ^.^

    6. Thene0nshiva and I did a little swap--she went above and beyond for her part, sewing several items for my doll and super fast too! Thanks again! ^_^
    7. Thene0nshiva and I traded dolls, and it went though just fine~ Thank you very much~ <3
    8. I asked Thene0nshiva to do a faceup for one of my boys, Loki, since I was really impressed with her skills. She kept me updated at all times and was a great pleasure to work with. I couldn't be more happier with having Loki's faceup done by her. He looks just how I wanted him too!! Thank you again for your great work! Hope to have my future doll faceups done by you too! Haha~ &#9829; A+++ Faceup Artist!
    9. Did a trade and it went very smooth. Highly recommended~!
    10. Thene0nshiva participated in my MSD swap she was quick to communicate and sent out her partner's items way before schedule, her partner received the items safely, I would love her to join another swap of mine she is recommended :D
    11. I bought some items for Thene0nshiva that are of equal value to her AoD Fei, but she had sent me the doll before I even received the last time. Trust is key to a transaction like this. The girl will be loved! Great communication too! Thank you again, and plan to send your items asap in return! :D &#9829;
    12. I did a trade with Shiva; unfortunately when I received her items and heard nothing from her I got worried and sent her a pm, apparently she lost my name and on top of that I found out the post returned my trade! Needless to say Shiva was disappointed, but I added some goodies in the new package and she was very understanding. I would do business with Shiva again!
    13. I was partnered with Theneonshiva for the Alice in Wonderland swap. She finished her stuff and shipped well before the due date and I was very pleased with the items. Thanks!
    14. I traded some items with her in exchange for 2 face ups.. I was Blown away with the face ups on My two RS dolls I wills Be getting my Other two done by her at some point! THANK You :)
    15. I traded with TheneOnshiva for a pair of eyes! I had a great transaction, and would love to work with her again!
      Thanks so much! <3
    16. I traded Thene0nshiva a pair of MSD shoes for a pair of green/blue 16mm eyes. She was very friendly throughout, and her communication was great! She also shipped out the eyes quickly! I would definitely trade with her again in the future! Thanks again for a great trade! :)
    17. I traded a pair of MSD boots and an outfit set with theneonshiva for a really cute Happy Camille wig. I'm very pleased! Communication was prompt and friendly. Would happily deal with her again. Thank you! :)
    18. Positive!

      I was a member of Thene0shiva's MSD Punk Swap, and she was a wonderful host! My partner flaked on me, but Thene0shiva went above and beyond her duty as swap host to get me answers and settled. She also was super patient and kind while I lived through a bad hurricane, flooding and the near death of a loved one, all within a few weeks of each other. So she made life so much easier for me swap wise!

      I would recommend everyone to join one of Thene0shiva's swaps! She is a great host, and I look forward to joining another one of her swaps, and hopefully being able to complete it this time! :]
    19. I traded some MSD clothes with Thene0shiva and everything went perfect! :D She's such a nice person to talk to and the clothes came quick and safe!
      I would love to deal with her again! :D
    20. Bought a red MSD polo shirt from Thene0nshiva. Fast shipping, great communication, friendly seller. Would definitely recommend her and be happy to work with her again. :D