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Feedback for theresa 226

Oct 31, 2010

    1. I can't find a feedback thread for theresa 226 (Terri), so here goes!

      Terri just bought an ATsuki dress from me--it was a great transaction. Communication was quick and friendly, Terri paid immediately, and I enjoyed doing business with her. Hope to have another transaction with her soon! :love
    2. theresa 226 bought a dress from me-- great transaction!! Thank you again!! :D
    3. Theresa 226 purchased a pair of shoes from me and the transaction was wonderful! She has fast communication, is friendly, and paid promptly. I couldn't ask for a better transaction! Thank you!
    4. I had a lovely transaction with Theresa 226. She purchased an Iplehouse dress from me, was great with communication, and paid instantly.
    5. I had the pleasure of doing a faceup for theresa 226 and crocheting a few hats. A perfect transaction with wonderful, friendly communication. :)
    6. theresa 226 bought a pair of boots from me-- payment was very fast, great buyer! Thank you again :D
    7. theresa 226 purchased a pair of doll shoes from me; she paid promptly, communication was excellent and she kindly let me know when the item arrived! It was overall a smooth transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks! :)
    8. Theresa226 commissioned me to make some jeans for her Dollstown girl. She was lovely to work with and helpful with measurements. Her pm's were always friendly and polite. She paid straight away when the jeans were finished and let me know just as soon as they arrived at her address.

      I would recommend Theresa226 to anyone looking for a pleasant and trouble-free transaction.

      Thanks Terri and enjoy!
    9. theresa was in my Dollmore GO! ^U^ It was her first GO, and as a first time participant she was absolutely lovely <3 She was always polite and friendly, and she was excellent with payment and waiting for her item to arrive. I would be happy to host her again at any time :D

    10. theresa 226 participated in my LUT GO. She paid very extremely fast and was very patient during the long waiting period of this GO. Thank you very much for joining my GO ^^
    11. Theresa 226 just bought a Yo SD red dress from me. She was friendly in PMs and paid quickly. I would engage in future transactions with her! :whitetruffle
    12. Just sold a my little pony sweater to Theresa 226 and it was a super quick and easy transaction. Would do business again!
    13. I sold a wig to theresa 226 and she was a joy to deal with. She paid very quickly, responded to PM super fast, and let me know when the wig arrived safely. She was also very friendly and sweet throughout the transaction. Thank you so much theresa 226!
    14. Just finished a wonderful transaction with Terri (theresa 226) and highly recommend her! I purchased a doll from her and could not be more pleased! She communicated very well, shipped fast, and packaged the doll very well, too.

      Thank you again, Terri !

    15. Theresa 226 bought a musedoll dress from me. Communication was prompt and she was very understanding about me delaying the shipment of the dress. A great buyer!
    16. positive feedback good comunication, very kind, patiente and fast to pay
    17. Terri just purchased a Luria head from me...was very courteous and great with communication, let me know when the head had arrived, and was prompt with payment...a great asset :)
    18. Theresa 226 was a part of my November Leekeworld GO, and they were great to work with :) They were quick with payments, very polite, and let me know when their stuff arrived. A recommended participant, A++!
    19. theresa 226 bought a pair of msd boots from me. Perfect transaction. Id be glad to work with her again :)
    20. theresa 226 bought a pair of MSD boots from me. Communication was great, payment was prompt, and when I was overcharged to ship them she even offered to send more money to cover it ! (of course I didn't make her, because it's not her fault). She let me know when they arrived.
      Great transaction, would do business with her again.