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Feedback for thessaly

Jul 29, 2009

    1. Thessaly purchased a doll from me and the transaction went very smoothly. She was a pleasure to communicate with and answered PMs promptly ^_^ She paid quickly with no layaway needed. I would not hesitate to do business with her again and I would truly look forward to it~ I highly recommend her :aheartbea
    2. thessaly purchased a pair of eyes from me - communication was great, and payment was very quick - I would gladly trade with thessaly again, thank you :D !
    3. I bought an AOD Zi Yuan, and the doll was well packed, good communication.
    4. Thessaly purchased some eyes from me, and it was a lovely transaction. She was quick with payment, great with communication, and left feedback when the eyes arrived.
    5. Prompt payment and clear communication. Everything went smoothly.
    6. Thessaly bought a pair of eyes from me.

      The transaction went smoothly and she was prompt with payment.

      A pleasure to work with :3
    7. thessaly bought some eyes from me. Paid right away and very friendly.

      Thanks a lot and please enjoy them !!
    8. Thessaly bought some eyes from me, and it was a lovely transaction. Please enjoy!
    9. Thessaly bought a DOT Sha from me. Transactions went very smoothly, she paid promptly and was very understanding :). Hon, I hope Haruka brings you years of joy!
    10. I bought a Bobobbie Apollo from Thessaly and she was great shipping was fast and he was extremely well protected during his travel to me.. She helped me out with all my questions as well, wonderful seller.
    11. She took a doll from me and the transaction was very lovely. Simply and promptly communication and she paid quickly. I highly recommend her! ^________^ ​
    12. I bought a doll from thessaly on layaway^^
      She lets me know when the doll was shipped, and arrived well packaged^^

      Thanks again for letting me buy your boy, thessaly <3 I'm so happy with him atm xD
    13. Great transaction with thessaly who purchased a wig from me. Payment was quick and communication was good. A perfect buyer. Thank you!
    14. Thessaly purchased a Dollga braided wig from me, paid immediately and was a pleasure to deal with :) wonderful buyer! Thank you for a great transaction!
    15. Thessaly bought a grey mohair wig from me. Payment was incredibly prompt.
    16. Thessaly bought a wig from me and was a great buyer. Friendly PMs and fast payment! Recommended!!! Thanks again!!!
    17. thessaly bought some eyes from me and she is an excellent buyer! She paid fast and we had great communication. Would love to deal with her again! Thank you so much! =)
    18. thessaly bought a wig from me and the transaction was as smooth and pleasant as it could be. :) The buyer was friendly, polite and prompt. I would not hesitate to deal with this buyer again!

      Thank you very much~! :aheartbea
    19. I sold thessaly a ringdoll wig, everything went very smoothly! Payment was prompt, and very friendly. Thanks for buying!
    20. Thessaly purchased a wig & eyes from me- communication was great & payment was fast- thank you for an excellent transaction :) !