Feedback for ThinkPink!

Jan 8, 2007

    1. "On another note, the reference pictures you sent me were nothing like what you asked for in the end, this also caused serious delay since I had to redo the face-up a couple of times to comply to your wishes." would you know what my final request was if you did not receive my last emails? The only time you sent images and responded when i asked for changes was when you sent an initial face up design. i assumed that since he was unfinished and you asked for input, i could give it to you then. i asked for pink body blushing and a pink nose. if you see my email responding to THAT particular message, you see that i was initially satisfied with the direction in which you were going. if your policy does not include changes, then don't offer initial critique images.

      Again, i'm not criticizing your face up. i wanted to request changes to the thickly painted eyelashes on the bottom of his eyes before he was shipped. Had you told me this was not possible, then i would have accepted the fox as is. obviously i would have no choice. i understand that this is art. it's not possible to please EVERYONE all the time. it would be absurd for me to ask you to completely -redo- something, and i never told you to do so, i merely -ASKED- to adjust what you had started, and in the end i think this is only fair since i had paid.

      "Please understand that I could not give you a time estimate, I can't see into the future and could not say how long the flu would last. I tried painting during my illness (though it didn't work) and I did communicate this to you."

      Yes you did communicate this. and i explained that i did not want to buy a doll without a face up because i do not have the supplies (i stated this at least twice). i would have preferred to have a FULL REFUND if you believed you could not complete the doll.

      i dissagree with your statement. No one can see the future, but it's fairly easy to request that you need an extra 3 weeks or month to complete a commission. Had you still felt ill after your estimate, then you could simply email me again and say you needed another week or two. I didn't ask you to paint him out of a favor. i paid. You may not be able to see the future, but since i don't have any means of CONTACTING YOU DIRECTLY via phone or face to face, i can't judge your sincerity. it's a two way street.

      i was willing to accept what sounded like strange circumstances in order to support your art AND your buisness. However, i am not willing to do so any longer. i do not wish to spend any more money shipping the fox back to you, as it would probably be more effort than it is worth. If you wish to offer a partial refund, that is up to you. I can send you paypal information via PM, but i prefer email. i can try with a different adress just to make sure we're all on the same page.

      I appreciate your honesty but you really need to check into your email system and make sure you're not losing messages. Mine works fine, as you can see i received every email you sent. I know of one other individual here on DOA who seems to have had the same issue of bad communication.

      i believe i have been fair and understanding, and my review is honest. My reasons for unsatisfaction with this transaction is as follows:

      Communication was sub-par and obviously broken as you did not receive my emails, and you admit this. Things like that happen, yes. But i do hold you responsible for not waiting or trying to contact me again before you shipped. I was patient with your illness and your partner's injury, but you were not patient enough to try to contact me a second time. your emails indicate this as well.

      Thank you,

    2. You are right, but I did offer you a refund when I got ill. I would have given you a full refund at any time before shipping, but I had reason to believe you didn't want this since you said so in your reply on this offer.

      Also, from the call with your mother I got the feeling you wanted the fox fast and so I painted tirelessly untill he was finished. When I didn't hear from you, I thought you were angry about the delay and didn't want to speak to me again. Since your mother asked me when he could be shipped and I had told her in that week, I decided to ship him as promised to her. I didn't want to anger you any more than I thought I had already done.

      I have offered you a full refund again today and this will be the final offer. I can not apologize any more than I have done now.
    3. That sounds fair, but you never responded when i asked for refunds during the process...i asked twice before i asked my mother to call you, but since you didn't respond, i assumed you didn't take refunds once a work was in progress. again, failure to communicate.

      I sent you a PM regarding this particular message, and your email. I do not wish to return the fox (this would be a lot of trouble for me, and I would be out money for the shipping back to you.) But I have proposed something that might be easier on both of us. If you don’t approve, then I’ll leave the feed back as is…if not, then I can rescind all this and we can try to close the transaction in a satisfactory manner.

      Let me know what you think.

    4. As i have not heard back from the Marcia or Joyce at Think Pink, i will leave my final feedback for them here.

      Marcia offered me a full refund for the fox and initial shipping to me, but only after i shipped it back to them at my own cost. Obviously, this would leave me not only doll-less, but out about 30 dollars for international shipping and confirmation, and 3 months of unanswered emails. I tried to communicate this to them, saying that since i wasn't 100% unsatisfied, (they did the face up, just not to my order) they could send me a pair of eyes or something small, and i would retract my statement here on Den of Angels and say that they had at least _tried_ to fix this issue, and i was glad of that.

      That was a week ago, and i have received no reply. so now i can leave my final feedback.

      Think Pink treated my transaction in a VERY UNPROFESSIONAL MANNER. They would not take responsibility for their own communication problems (they didn't get all my emails, even though i got all of theirs AND have a log of sent receipts of what i sent them -every- time.)

      They took my unsatisfaction personally and thought i was out to destroy their credibility as sellers, even though they were the ones who first posted all our messages publicly, when i would have been more than happy to settle in PMs.

      They did not offer a suitable settlement in the end, only offering a full refund if i would return the fox. This would put me out the cost of international shipping, as mentioned before.

      My final review is that their communication is bad and they will not treat honest, viable complaints fairly. they only responded when they thought that their feedback would be marred here on Den of Angels.

      I do not suggest their services.
    5. I bought a DZ Feilian from Think Pink.

      I also bought some other items and I added things to my order twice. This was no problem at all and everything went smooth. I just recieved my order and I'm completely happy with it. :)

    6. Good communication and super fast shipping!

      Many thanks!
    7. I REALLY LOVE Think Pink-Service ;)

      Great communication!
      fast shipping!

      I love my first SD from Peaks Woods!!
      till the next order :)

      many thanks for the t-shirt gift for my cutie ^^ hihi
    8. I ordered a set of DZ clothing and a pair of Mimiwoo boots off the Think Pink! website on the 30th of June. I received the items today (4th of July). The items were in perfect condition, the delivery was swift and I had no problems with paying (it was easy since it was via Paypal).

      The only thing that annoyed me a little was that the box the items came in was ripped open on one side, but I'm assuming that's not their fault and none of the items were damaged - the box probably got bashed open while it was being shipped to me.

      I would definitely consider buying from Think Pink! again :)
    9. I order a can of MSC from Think Pink and they have a great communication with me... they respond at every email and the box arrive very quikly. Thanks again. I will buy from them in future again. I like the postcards inside the box! Cute! ^^
    10. I ordered a bunch of MSC cans for a group order some time ago. The Danish postal service managed to loose the package somewhere in "the system" and after 2 weeks of it being lost, it returned to ThinkPink in Holland.

      During that time ThinkPink was exceptionally friendly and answered all my desperate emails with great concern and swiftness too. They sent it once more for a fraction of the shipping fee and paid the rest themselves. This time they wrote my phonenumber on the package, and sure enough the Danish postal service couldn't find me AGAIN (although I'm the only person in the entire world with my name -______-) and they called me.

      I got my order and it was perfectly packaged, each item individually wrapped and with lots of foam and paper stuffing around it. Thanks a lot, ThinkPink!

      I surely will and have already ordered from ThinkPink again. Very pleasant experience! RECOMMENDED!
    11. Again, many thanks for your great service :)
      I love to order from you!!

      I totally recommend them ;)
    12. I just received my DZ Feilian³ from ThinkPink. It was in perfect condition, wrapped nicely and with some freebies too: A ThinkPink t-shirt and the kitty ears from DZ as well. ^_^ My dollie even had a pair of beautiful eyes in, even though I didn't order faceup or any extras.

      ThinkPink were very nice and answered my anxious emails with great understanding. You can easily tell that they're doll enthusiasts too. ^_^

      Lovely service as always! RECOMMENDED +++++
    13. I've just received my VioletFern outfit and it is just perfect.

      It was a smooth transaction and I received it very promptly.

      Thank you very much.
    14. I just received my DZ doll Shoyo (now her named is Kasumi) AND I LOVE HER!
      there were a bit trouble because DZ made my order wrong but they were so helpful at
      ThinkPink! they 100% helped me through it all and now I'm so happy, I will DEFIANTLY buy at ThinkPink again!!! I recomend it really!

      Thank you very much!

      Love from me and Kasumi <3
    15. Even though this happened some time ago, I still felt I should post this here. On THURSDAY November 1st 2007 I sent ThinkPink! an e-mail about their Dollzone Quinn (LE); they had one for sale on their website. I *really* wanted to buy him, but I could not afford to pay him off at once. I noticed they didn't offer layaway for him, but I e-mailed them anyway and explained my situation. They sent me an e-mail that they had thought about it, and I could pay him off in 2 payments. I had to send the 1st payment within 7 days though. They sent me this e-mail on November 1st. I was very happy and agreed, of course. For the first payment I had to use my boyfriend's Paypal account, and I would pay the 4% fee aswell. On FRIDAY November 2nd, however, they sent me an e-mail that I had to pay the first sum that day, because someone else really wanted Quinn aswell. Even though they had told me I had 7 days to make the first payment! Since I had to use my boyfriend's creditcard, and he was not with me at that moment, I sent them an e-mail that I could pay the first half on Sunday, the 4th of November, which would have been within the 7 days they PROMISED me. After sending this e-mail, I didn't hear from them again. I kept e-mailing them, telling them that I would do everything possible to pay them that very same day. Still no reply. I noticed Quinn's 'for sale' sign changed into 'sold' and I kept e-mailing, asking if they had sold Quinn to someone else. Finally I got an e-mail back saying: "Bummer for you, but unfortunately we decided to sell the doll to the buyer who could pay him first, because he is a LE. We phoned the other buyer and she picked him up immediately."
      OK, I understand that they made an exception for me at first - but after they did, they shouldn't have withdrawn EVERYTHING they promised me! I think this was very wrong, and it left me very disappointed. This is not the appropriate way of dealing with customers! I think it was VERY unfriendly. I will not recommend ThinPink! to anyone.
    16. We appologise for the dissision we have made last year november.
      We were quit new at beiing an agent and even for us it was a lot of money to invest in the beginning. We could sell the doll to a client who was willing to pay the whole amount at once and we gave Shelly 667 a chance to reply and pay within 24 hours.
      We got no reaction in time and decide to sell the doll to the other client. We told Shelly 667 by email that the doll was sold, since she didn't reply to us.
      On sunday she replied that she didn't have the creditcard of her friend, but by then it was to late.
      Again, sorry for everything that happened back then.
    17. I understand it is a lot of money. And I understand you were new at selling dolls. But please don't say I didn't reply in time. I still have all the e-mails; I replied within the hour! And the last e-mails we sent were on Friday, not on Sunday. You already told me on Friday that I could not buy Quinn, so why on earth would I have sent you an e-mail on Sunday? If you want to discuss this further, please PM me. I don't think a feedback thread is the right place for this. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing more to say anyway.
    18. I bought a can of MSC, a wig, and a set of eyes, it was super fast shipping and just fantastic!
      I will definitely buy from you again!! Thank you so much! :)
    19. I ordered a Dollzone Fenyo on September 24th, and she arrived today, in good order. My package travelled somewhat longer than it should have, and the tracking code I got didn't work, but these were NOT Think Pink!s fault. They answered kindly and quickly to all my impatient and desperate e-mails, and tried to help when I thought my package was lost. Nothing but positive here, that is. :D
    20. I want to leave very possitive feedback to Think Pink. I bought Mr.Super Clear UV-eyeputty- lifelike eyes-eyelashes-Shooks and the cleaning blocks. Everything was as described and in solid packing.
      There was very nice communications ++++++++++++++++++
      HUgs Birgitte