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Feedback for Tiasdolls

Sep 25, 2009

    1. I hope this is the proper way to start my Feedback thread.
    2. Yes it is ! Tiasdolls bought a pair of eyes from me. She was very friendly and prompt with the payment. Very pleasant person, I would not hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks
    3. I sold to Tiasdolls a MNM WS body and the communication was great and pleasant, payment prompt.
      I would definitely recommend. =)
      Five Stars <3
    4. Sold a clothes set to Tiasdolls and the transaction was great! I recommend this member and would be happy to do another transaction with her again!:)

      Thanks for your purchase!
    5. Tiasdolls purchased a doll from me. Excellent transaction all around.
    6. Sold some MSD clothes and a wig to Tiasdolls. Great transaction, thanks so much!
    7. Sold clothes to Tiasdoll
      A positive experience, she paid very fast, and she is communicative
      Good transaction, thank you
    8. I sold her clothes for SD
      it is a great shopper. 100% recommended
    9. Tiasdolls bought a top and sewing pattern from me. Her communication was excellent and payment was fast. It was a perfect transaction! :)
    10. I had a lovely transaction with Tiasdolls - she bought an Iplehouse YID muscle body from me.
      She was very friendly in her emails, very prompt in her payment, and let me know when the
      body arrived safely.
      Thank you Tiasdolls!!!
      Robyn_in_WA :)
    11. I've have another wonderful transaction with Tiasdolls - she purchased by modified minimee Morena Baccarin head
      with Hand Glass eyes, and a new Iplehouse wig. She paid very promptly, was very pleasant in all her emails,
      and let me know when the packages safely arrived too!!
      Thank you so much Tiasdolls!!!
      Robyn_in_WA :)
    12. She bought a couple of wigs from me and was a superb buyer. Great communication, fast payment, an altogether first class transaction. Thanks a lot.
    13. Tiasdolls ought a wig from me and everything went silky smooth, paid promptly and lets me know when it arrives, thank you :)
    14. Tiasdolls bought a wig from me. The transaction was wonderful and smooth. It's a great dealing with you. Thank you Tiasdolls! ^^
    15. Tiasdolls purchased a senior delf female body from me. She kept excellent communication and paid promptly. Thanks so much for the perfect transaction!!
    16. Tiasdolls bought a J'aime Ara from me and it couldn't have gone better. Absolutely great - I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Thank you!
    17. I purchased a doll and cannot be happier! wonderful communication and amazing packaging.
    18. I bought a few MSD outfits from Tiasdolls and the transaction went very smoothly. She shipped promptly and packaged the clothes with care. ^.^ Would definitely purchase from her again.
    19. Tiasdolls purchased a wig from me in a lovely transaction. She was great with communication, paid right away, and let me know as soon as the wig arrived. Great to work with!
    20. Sold a wig to Tiasdolls, she paid quickly and let me know when it arrived.