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Feedback for Tiirikka

Oct 31, 2011

    1. If you do business with me, please leave me a feedback here! x3 Thank you. :whitetruffle
    2. Tiirikka ordered two custom hoodies from me and was wonderful to deal with!! Thank you so much!
    3. Tiirikka ordered four hoodies from me this time and was as excellent as before! I look forward to dealing with her again! Thanks so much!
    4. Tiirikka commissioned me for two SD shirts
      She waited paciently till i wrote her i am done with them and send her pictures
      she also informed me that she likes them and then when they arrived.
      I am glad i was able to do business with her and always would do again
      she payed very very fast!
      Thank you so much ^.^

      Highly recommended