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Feedback for Tilden

Oct 10, 2011

    1. Please post feedback comments here for all transactions with me. Thanks.
    2. I sold 2 wigs to Tilden and it was a very smooth transaction ^^! Fast and friendly communitation and fast payment! I would definitely deal with him again. Thank you very much!!
    3. I have sold a bunch of doll accesories to Tilden, that was a perfect transaction with very nice communication! Very fast payment and quick feedback on all steps!

      of course if i have a chance next time, i will do a business with him again!
    4. I sold a doll body to Tilden. Payment was fast and communication was pleasant. Tilden was also very understanding when it took the postal service longer than usual to deliver the package.
    5. Tilden bought me a miho head : communication was excellent, payment fast and he let me know when he got the head, i will do business with him again, thanks a lot :)
    6. I sold an outfit to Tilden and it was a great transaction: the communication was good, the payment fast and he let me know when the outfit arrived. I would definitely deal with him again. :lol:
    7. Tilden bought a doll body from me. Promt payment and very good buyer. Recommended.
    8. Tilden bought a wig from me again and everything was perfect! Nice and fast communication and fast payment. Thank you very much ^^!
    9. Tilden bought a FeePle Sleeping Breakaway head from me. Payment was made promptly and communication was friendly. Thank you, Tilden!
    10. Tilden bought an IH Harin from me: fast payment, very good communication, everything went smoothly.
      Thank you very much!
    11. I sold my Dollmore Gossip Zinna Black to Tilden and it was a great experience! We had the opportunity to meet in person since he came to collect the doll and we had a great dollie chat. So my Zinna has now a new loving home and I have a new dollie friend :) Does it get any better than that?
    12. Just purchased a head from Tilden and the transaction was great!
      Communication was friendly and helpful and he was a pleasure to deal with. Thankyou Tilden! Hope we do business again sometime :)
    13. Great transaction with Tilden who purchased a Buried in Oblivion Skene from me. All perfect, great willingness to come personally, excellent communication. An excellent experience and an A+ buyer. Thank You very much. Vielen Dank :daisy
    14. Tilden purchased my Feeple Mirwen, communication was great, we had a horrible delay with the carrier Parcelforce since it was supposed to be EMS delivery as we paid for but it took 10 days after shipping to arrive (and only one public holiday in this time) but Tilden was kind, polite and nice throughout this very stressful experience for both of us, which i'm very grateful for (he also let me know when she finally arrived safely) I would recommend a transaction with Tilden to anyone :aheartbea
    15. Sold him a box full of outfits. Gret communication and he paid immediately. I can only recommend him!
    16. I sold Tilden the fullset outfit for Souldoll Vito Freya. It was a quick and easy transaction involving Western Union (which I had never used before). She paid promptly, communication was excellent, and she let me know when the outfit arrived. All in all it was a flawless transaction and I highly recommend Tilden as a transaction partner.
    17. Tilden bought some clothes and a wig from me and it is always a pleasure to do business with him. The communication is very friendly and he always send the payments very quick, and let me know when the parcel arrives.
      I highly recommend Tilden!
      Thank you so much ^_^