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Feedback for tilliefairy

Dec 19, 2009

    1. Please post feedback for tilliefairy in the thread:)
    2. Great transaction with tilliefairy who purchased a shirt from me. Payment was very fast and communication was excellent. A perfect buyer. Thanks!
    3. tilliefairy participated in my Dollmore GO. She answered PMs and e-mails quickly, and paid her invoices promptly. Always friendly and was sure to send me all the info needed to complete her order.

      Thank you for a wonderful transaction.

    4. tilliefairy purchased some MSD clothing from me. She paid promptly, and let me know when the items arrived. An all around wonderful transaction! Thank you :)
    5. Repeat & Fantastic Group Order participant, wonderful transaction all the way around. Answered all pms & e-mails quickly and let me know her package had arrived safely. I highly recommend to other sellers.
    6. Tilliefairy purchased a slim msd outfit from me and payment was made quickly and the whole experience was excellent thanks so much I hope your dolly loves it <3
    7. Tilliefairy participated in my For My Doll group order. Communication was excellent, and she paid quickly. Thanks so much! :D
    8. tilliefairy participated in my Captured in Glass Go, she was great. She had great communication and told me when he eyes got to her. She was very forward and made sure to ask me if something was wrong and was understanding when I said there wasn't. Thank you again, I'd happily work with her again! ^^
    9. tilliefairy was a part of my Camellia Dynasty Group order. It was a truly wonderful experience on all levels. Thanks so much~
    10. Tilliefairy took place in my Ersa Flora GO. She is so kind and sweet!! Communications were very clear and payment was sent fast. :) :) :)

      Thank you so much Tilliefairy,
    11. Bought a Resinsould Mei from tillitfairy~
      Transaction was wonderful. PMs were pleasant and she shipped super fast. All the eyes she sent with the Mei were a wonderful surprise too! Thanks so much ~ <3
    12. i just got my items from a doll more G.O run by Tilliefairy. Transaction was very smooth, good communication and fast shipping.
      Thanks ^-^ !
    13. I participated in a Dollmore GO run by Tilliefairy and was very impressed with her efficiency and professionalism. Communication was excellent and informative. and she kept the GO thread updated routinely. Shipping was lightning fast, and I adore my girl's 3 pairs of new shoes. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an excellent experience here in the marketplace, and I wouldn't hesitate to join any GO she ran.
    14. I was part of Tillefairy's Dollmore GO. Everything went very smoothly, and she posted updates very often to let us know how things were going. She shipped very quickly, and all communication was done in a timely manner. I would certainly participate in another GO run by her. :)
    15. I participated in tilliefairy's Dollmore GO. Everything went smoothly and I would definitely jump in another one of her GOs!
    16. I was also in tilliefairy's Dollmore GO. She kept us informed on the package throughout the whole waiting time, and shipped the individual packages very quickly. I'd definitely participate in her future group orders!
    17. I participated in the Dollmore GO order run by Tilliefairy as well, there was a slight mix-up but nothing big and tilliefairy handled it amazingly. I would love to do another group order with her again. Thanks!
    18. I participated in the Dollmore GO order run by Tilliefairy as well, went very smoothly and was informed of updates in a timely manner. Would do business with her again. ^_^
    19. I was in a group order run by tilliefairy and everything ran smooth as silk! Great communication and very speedy shipping!

      An A++ :D
    20. I participated in tilliefairy's dollmore GO.
      Not only was she an organized GO leader but was very communicative leader.
      I did not notice that she had sent me a shipping invoice until I receive the package from her.
      I really appreciated that she had sent the package with trust to me before receive my invoice payment.
      I am very happy with my transaction with her. Definitely recommended!!