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Feedback for timchener

Sep 7, 2006

    1. Well...! Hi! Good or bad, please leave all feedback here, folks!
    2. I bought some boots from timchener and they were shipped quickly and safely and I would most definitely buy from timchener again! Nerilka loves her new boots!
    3. Oh man, I didn't notice how cute those boots were! XD Totally the most adorable thing ever.

      My boy would've felt so girly in them! XD I'm so glad your beautiful girl looks so great in them!
    4. Joined a Dollmore group order run by timchener, and things were handled very well and very quickly. :D Got all my stuff in good order.
    5. Bought some eyes, good communication, and they very WELL packaged. Thank you!
    6. Sakhmet and I bought a few items from a Group Order timchener hosted. Nice to work with, Good communication and the items were packaged and shipped as requested. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :)
    7. Swopped a wig with Kim, was such a great deal and posted it out so quickly. What a friendly responsible swopper, I would highly recommend her to anyone :D
    8. Took part in the Septembre Dollmore group order she organised. She was nothing but extremely sweet, and when my package was late to arrived, even offered to refund me!

      My order was a pair of brown glass eyes, and SD size stripey pants.



      Thank you Kym! *muah* :D
    9. You are so sweet. ;___; *clings to your legs*

      Also, those brown eyes look so amazing. *___* AND WHY ARE YOU NOT ONLINE? *prods you*
    10. Kym just bought from me. The transaction was smooth and communication good! A wonderful transaction, thank you!
    11. Wonderful transaction! Great communication!
      Bought some homemade eyes and they look great!
      Recommended! <33
    12. All good here, too! Kym sold me a pair of eyes, and was prompt and super-sweet to deal with. My Unoa boy stole the eyes as soon as they got here, heh . . . ;)
    13. Kym has bought a few things from me and has always been a pleasure to communicate with! Thanks so much!
    14. I got some neat glasses. timchener was prompt and attentive. Thanks. =)

    15. Kym was in my past Volks group order and was very prompt with payment and also ultra friendly. Would love to work with you again! XD
    16. great seller <3 shipping was super fast ^^

      (if this multiple posts im sorry my comoputer hates me)
    17. I paid for some scuply eyes she made. After acupple weeks of haveing some painting issues she managed to make good ones. But we had a disagreement on color and is giving me a refund.

      I'm sorry it didn't work out but thank you for being so nice to work with.
    18. Thank you darlin'! <3 Hopefully you can find some eyes that you'll absolutely love.
    19. I got an item from timchener and it came very quickly, with nifty freebies! I have to wait until after Christmas to post pics, as the item in question is a Christmas gift for a friend on DOA, la la la... :3

      You know, if I had waited until a time closer to Christmas, I could have probably picked it up myself, as we're moving to Washington in the beginning of December. XD Oh, well! I didn't want it to get bought by anyone else, so it's all good! (Is Vancouver near Bellingham?)
    20. hahaha Vancouver is KIND of near Bellingham... It's actually just five hours north of Vancouver! And if you're going to Western, you love it. My girlfriend is an alumni (just graduated in 2004)! :3 At least I think it was 2004... It was December, I do know that. XD!