Feedback for Tinana

Oct 24, 2017

    1. Hello! Please leave your feedback for me! Thanks~! :XD::XD::XD:
    2. Tinana recently purchased an Elfdoll Vivien/Iplehouse nYID Hybrid from me, and the transaction was perfect! I definitely recommend them. Communication was great and payment was very fast. An excellent buyer! Thank you so much!
    3. Sold a DWC 01 head to Tinana. Communication was friendly and payment was prompt. Would not hesitate to sell to Tinana again. Thank you!
    4. Thank @tinana for buying Volks! Only good recommendations!
    5. @tinana bought some clothes and furniture from me and it was very nice transaction, very positive person, thank you so much!
    6. Commissioned @tinana for a faceup. She was so helpful and nice to work with, and she did beautiful work and was very patient. Thanks!
    7. Sold Tinana my Dollshe Erica Snow, communication was very quick and friendly, fast payment as well, I highly recommend her, many thanks!
    8. Tinana did an absolutely GORGEOUS face up on my doll!!! I was so pleased and she was really friendly & sweet through the whole process. Very professional! I would absolutely get a face up from her again!
    9. Commissioned a face-up from tinana. My doll looks fabulous! She did an amazing job. Communication was great and she was very professional. Thanks :)
    10. @tinana bought a SWD Tae head from me! They are the sweetest and paid quickly and let me know as soon as she arrived. Everything went so smoothly and they are so kind. It was a joy doing business with you and I highly recommend! I hope you give her a lovely home :)
    11. @tinana bought the Soom meha Vega head from me. Serious and conscientious buyer. It was easy to discuss all issues with him. I was glad to deal, the best recommendations!
    12. Tinana bought a dollgru head from me. She was very friendly and she made the payment promptly. The logistic took incredibly long, but she waited patiently and let me know when it arrived. Highly recommended buyer!