Feedback For Tinker_Jet

Jan 3, 2016

    1. Since I want to start offering sales here, this seemed like the most natural course of action.

      Please leave all feedback for me here.

      Thank you. :)
    2. Bought a doll for a great price!
    3. Purchased a body from Tinker and was able to communicate really easily. Some small concerns were brought to my attention and I was asked if that was okay or if I didn't want the body anymore. I didn't find them to be a big problem myself so I went ahead with my planned purchase. Tinker's concern was very nice and appreciated. The body is beautiful!
      Would give a 5 out of 5 for this experience!
    4. I bought some gorgeous pink pale eyes with little to no purple pupil along with some eye putty and they just arrived after such a short while! They arrived in perfect condition and I also didn't expect to receive so many eye putty it was just amazing! I would definitely purchase from her again. They eyes are just lovely on my doll!