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Feedback for Tinna

Jun 16, 2011

    1. Please leave your feedback for Tinna here!!

      Thank you!!
    2. I traded an Obitsu Haruka head on a Lotus body for Tinna's Resinsoul Ju, the Ju arrived quickly, safely and I was very happy with the experience overall thanks!
    3. I am afraid that I have to do this but last month Tinna and I had agreed to trade with one another Tinna had promised me that she would have the funds to trade with me at the end of the month so I agreed with her to trade with her then.

      I would be to trade tons of extras such as eyes, wigs, clothes and 3 dolls a resinsoul rong, BBB march and BBB sprite on rong body in light tan. for her Dollfie dream body and a heavily damaged Luts Delf Soo. she talked to me everyday and assured me that we would be able to trade we also swapped many pictures with each other of our dolls and of my extras I also had made sure to keep her updated every day.

      About two days ago she told me that she would not have the money to send me both dolls, being upset by this I had agreed half hearted that I would trade for just her soo, two of my dolls and extras not three of them. she started to remind me how much Soo costs at retail but promised she would trade with me.

      Then today the day right before we were supposed to trade she told me she did not have the money to trade with me now, so I waited a month to trade for her for nothing.

      I'm afraid this is negative and flaky feedback. i would not trade with her again because of this it has just put my mood off completely.