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feedback for tintin

Mar 19, 2007

    1. Whether buying/selling, please post your feedback here! Thanks!

      sold out:RoseQueenDress
    2. I bought a very widely petticoated gown from this seller ^^ It's made nicely and was shipped in a timely manner and very neatly packaged. It is as advertised and has nice detailing. Thanks a lot!
    3. Bought a pair of glasses from this seller, and they arrived as advertised and in good condition. ^^
    4. I bought 2 pairs of glasses from Tin_Tin and I am very happy with them.

      There was a little misunderstanding regarding the payment but it wasn't anyone's fault. Tin Tin mispelled her paypal address so the money I sent was left unclaimed for several days and this was the only reason the goods delivery was delayed. After I PM'd her again asking why the money have not been claimed, she gave me the correct paypal address and I made another payment which reached her. The items were shipped the very next day after the money was claimed. The glasses arrived promptly and safely and were well packaged.

      Thank you!
    5. Soldout:Nono Sweet Dream - Summer Beach Version outfits FEB2011
      SD classic dress FEB2011
      SD13 Cristal shoes FEB2011
    6. I bought a Volks Nono SwD Summer Beach outfit set from Tina. She is a very sweet girl and shipped quickly. The outfit arrived in flawless condition! I would buy from her again :)
    7. I bought a beautiful dress from tintin_tin and had a great transaction! :)