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Feedback for Tintokurai

Mar 7, 2010

    1. Thought that I needed a feedback thread since Im bying and participating in Mini me GO's in the marketplace

      (forgive me if my english is a bit "off" ^^; )

      Thank you :)
    2. I've sold a Limited DOI Kalix to Tintokurai. :)

      She's very sweet and communicative, made swift and prompt payments right on time and let me know when the boy arrived to her! I highly recommend her as a buyer, I've had a wonderful transaction and would deal with her again with no hesitation!

      Thank you very much and I hope Kalix brings you much happiness! :whee:
    3. Tintokurai participated in my Na'vi Jake Sully MSD Minimee group order. Paid rapidly and kept good & friendly communication ! Was a huge pleasure to deal with and highly recommend her as a buyer! :)
      thank you for joining the GO ! :chocoheart
    4. Tintokurai was a member of the GO I ran for MNM Naruto heads. Great communication, prompt payment, and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Would definitely do business with in the future. Thanks again! :) :chocoberry
    5. Tintokurai participated in my Soom Aphan split. She was an excellent participant, paid promptly, and kept great communication. Thanks for participating! :D
    6. Tintokurai took part in my fifteenth Leekeworld group order and the transaction was a smooth and easy one from beginning to end. On top of communication and responding to invoices, she was a great participant and I have no complaints.

      :aheartbea Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders!! :aheartbea
    7. Tintokurai joined my Sora MiniMee group order. Wonderful communication and excellent payment timing. Excellent DoA member. Would not hesitate to do business with again.

    8. I sold a soom head to Tintokurai : the payment was fast and she immediatly pm me to confirm the package arrived safe and sound :)
      Would definitely do business with her again, thanks !
    9. Tintokurai bought a wig from me, payment and communication was very fast! Great buyer, thank you again!! :D
    10. Tintokurai participated in my twenty-first Leekeworld POV group order and was yet again, a joy to work with. Amazingly friendly and on top of communication, payments were made swiftly and I have no complaints at all. A pleasant transaction from beginning to end; I would be more than willing to do business with them again~

      [ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ]
      ☺][ T h a n k i e s!! ][☺
      [ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ]
    11. Tintokurai partecipated in a Leeke GO I did, was friendly and communicative. Will do business again :)
    12. Tintokurai participated in my recent Luts GO and was amazingly great to work with! She was kind through all our talks, responded promptly to invoices and PM's, and let me know when her package arrived, safe and sound. I would totally recommend her to others for selling, as she was a great part in making my first GO an overall success.
    13. Tintokurai joined a doll split that I hosted, ordering a Mirwen head. She kept in contact very well, was prompt in making any payments, and was very understanding when there were delays on my part in the transaction. It was wonderful to work with her, and would love to do business with her again. A+ buyer and A+ person!
    14. Tintokurai purchased Ace feet from me. Great transaction, thanks very much
    15. Tintokurai participated in the LUTS G.O that I held.
      Communication with her was easy, she'd send her payments on time and informed me when her package arrived.

      Thank You for the Great transaction! :D