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Feedback for tinybear

Aug 14, 2006

    1. Had a great transaction with Tinybear for one of her wonderful wigs, beautiful..perfect for my ghostly Narae "Spectre"

    2. I received my wig from Tinybear yesterday and it's so pretty and soft! I can't wait for my little Riley to come home so I can put it on her!

      Tinybear is great to deal with, good communication, prompt shipping, fantastic girl!
    3. Oh my gosh I love Tinybear! She is so sweet and wonderful to deal with, plus she alerted me to a possible Paypal scam! I loved ordering my wigs from her, and her selection is unreal. Here are Zamora and Sabina in her lovely creations!

    4. Couldnt find Tinybears feedback thread so I shall post in here, she is a fantastic seller and her wigs are absolutely beautiful, you cant get better than her wigs :) I bought a black one and a brown one and I want more!
    5. I got a really nice pair of girl hand from her very nice i love them.
    6. thank you all !
      I was just about to start a thread and its been started !
      thank you all so much
    7. Tinybear = wicked.

      I know, that's not very useful feedback, but its true. ^_^

      (Fiiiine XD Tinybear was really helpful, gave me personal service and notification of availability etc and sent the item off post haste. HIGHLY recommended)
    8. :aheartbea :aheartbea Tiny bear is the best she has customized two of my dolls they are just beautiful. I have bought several of her lovely wigs.And she is always at hand when I need advice or have problems with my dolls.A big THANK YOU I apreciate all you have done for me XXX
    9. i just got two wigs from tinybear, and i'm delighted! And they arrived much sooner than i expected.
    10. I would like to join the chorus of tinybear praise! I received my wig last week and not only does it look fantastic, but it smells fantastic too!

      *hi-fives tinybear XD
    11. First of all I'd thought I'd have to wait forever to get my wig, but it came so quickly I wasn't prepared for it!

      It is a beautiful wig. The color, oh the color is amazing! The fit is perfect, snug so that I don't have to use an velcro, it stays right on her even if I shake her around upside down!

      It's so soft and long and fluffly! I am very impressed and will definantly be ordering more from her in the future!

      I'll post pictures tomorrow, it's my bed time, but I was so excited about the wig I had to let ya'll know!

      THANK YOU!!!
    12. Tinybear's wigs are delicious. She's very easy to work with and very very nice ;)

      I'm most pleased and would recommend her to anyone.
    13. Here we go!

    14. Realy cute wigs! Soooo soft and nice made. My girls just love them.

      Thanks, TinyBear!
    15. I WANT ONE OF HER WIGS! lol :P
    16. Sorry I didn't comment before, I have a wig from TinyBear since last month and its very soft, the colour is so bright I really love it.
      TinyBear is a very nice person to deal with.
      Thank you very much. ;)
    17. I bought my DIM danbi head from tinybear and I love him to peices and had an absolutly brilliant transaction with her! :D
    18. TinyBear wigs are FABulous!!!! I love mine; the colors are beautiful and they are very soft. The mohair is curly and they fit wonderfully! I couldn't be happier with my wigs!

      TinyBear knits are phenomenal, too! They are amazingly detailed and the scale of knitting is perfect for dolls!

    19. tinybear was great to work with. i ordered one of her wigs for a doll i'm customizing, and he's got an unusual size head. it took a bit of doing, but she made a wig to fit him, and it looks great!
    20. Warning--one Tinybear wig is not enough! You will end up buying lots more (trust me-they are addicting!). She is fabulous to work with, the wigs fit great, high quality, so soft, and the colors are wonderful! You have been warned....

      My Roxydoll Lucy and Yam in Tinybear's Lemon Popsicle and Mango: