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Feedback for tirsden

Jun 18, 2010

    1. *waves* Feedback goes here! ^__^
    2. tirsden bought a 1/4th scale gameboy from me. Communication was excellent and payment was fast. Would do business with again :)
    3. She bought me some eyes and it was all perfect!
      fast payment and good comunication!
      And a very adorable person!
      100% recommendable!
    4. tirsden bought some custom eyes from me and it was a great transaction! Fast payment & good communication! Thank you! :)
    5. Tirsden recently participated in a Dollmore GO i hosted. Everything went extremely smooth and they were a pleasure to deal with. I would love to do another GO with them and look forward to working with them again! Thank You for making my first GO so Easy. :)
    6. Tirsden bought my puki faceplate I had for sale, paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with. Thankx!!
    7. tirsden bought a pair of BJD handcuffs and a bag from me!
      Fast PMs and payments!
      Thank you for such a pleasent transaction! ^^
    8. tirsden participated in a Luts GO run by me. Despite that it was my first big GO and I bumbled some things up she was patient about it. The transactions were timely and everything went smoothly~
    9. tirsden bought me some glass eyes.
      All went perfect!
      Really a good trader! ^^
    10. ~<3~ Took place in one of my Dollmore Group orders and everything went very smoothly, would love to work with again! ~<3~

    11. [​IMG]

      ~*~ TIRSDEN ~*~

      She has participated in my 2nd Dollmore G.O. I couldn't have asked for a better G.O. team member. She was prompt, friendly and a joy to have a transaction with. Also, she helped a lot on bumping my G.O. thread. A great first mate aboard our ship! It's because of people like her that group orders are so much fun and not a burden.

      I would highly recommend her to any G.O. leader!

      Thank you so much again for joining us in this crazy group order!

      :cheer :dance :cheer

      Over and out!

      ~*~ DECY ~*~

    12. tirsden bought a DZ fairy fullset from me. She is a lovely buyer. fast payment and kindly let me know as soon as she pick up the package. I'm very happy to deal with her. Thank you ^ ^
    13. tirsden ordered two fur wigs from me and was fantastic to work with! Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and let me know when the wigs arrived safely, as requested.

      Definitely a great transaction and a recommended buyer! Thank you!
    14. I made a Catholic priest costume for Tirsdan's BJD. Tirsdan was wonderful to work with and I enjoyed it completely.
    15. I sold a Soom Epidos Unikenta head w/default face-up to tirsden. Everything was perfect! Fast payment, excellent communication, and friendly to work with. :)
    16. tirsden bought some BJD laptops and camera from me! it's a second transaction and it's as good as the first one!
      Very quick payments, great communications and let me know once the package arrived!!
      can't get a better buyer then tirsden!! Thank you again <3
    17. tirsden bought a Bobobie Isabella from me, and was a total champ to work with. She was fantastic with communication and paid very quickly. I would sell to her any time! :D
    18. I bought a DollZone Deer Boy from Tirsden. Excellent..everything! ^^ From communications to the descriptions of the boy to extremely fast shipping. Thank you! Definitely highly recommend!
    19. I bought a MNF active line boy body from Tirsden. And she is an excellent seller to deal whit.
      From fast communications to extremely fast shipping and well packed package ( Gives hear extra credit for that, she even gave me a small gift :aheartbea ) Thank you so much dear!
      Definitely highly recommend to every one!
    20. I sold a blank WS LLT Vincent Vampire head to tirsden and everything was absolutely perfect! Excellent communication, fast payment, the works!