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Feedback for titytetee

Mar 15, 2012

    1. Titytetee's feedback thread Please leave your feedback for me here, Thank you ;)
    2. I joined a split that titytetee hosted for a Soom Necy and received the arm paw parts. Titytetee is a well-organized and responsible split hoster, she did everything very quickly and neatly, and sent me my package and shipping number as soon as possible. The communication was good and I always knew what was going on. The paws were packaged extremely well, a sturdy box and lots and lots of bubblewrap, titytetee even tied a string around the box in addition to taping it shut. Great person to work with, reliable and nice.
    3. I also joined the split mentioned above and got the surprise head ^^ and my experience is just as excellent if not better. Titytetee was very patient with me, as I was having certain money problems, she kept in touch with me all the time, the parcel was huge! ;D but that's because the head was wrapped in a super thick bubble-wrap cocoon. Plus, she is a stunningly nice person, a transaction in such atmosphere is all fun. I hope there will be more opportunities to deal with Titytetee on DoA ;)
    4. I particapated in titytetee's Soom Feny/Necy split and I couldnt be more pleased :)
      Very friendly and great comunication. titytetee was very quick to update and reply to messages.
      She was also very kind to hold on to my parts for a bit longer. Perfect host and would not hesitate to do business with again!

      Thank you so very very much :)
    5. I commissioned Titytetee to do faceups on two of my dolls, a Raurencio Studio Ralph and Dollstown Yujin. She did a fantastic job and I am so pleased with them! Thank you so much. Pictures of my boys:


    6. I commissioned TityTetee a faceup for my Limhwa Human girl and she did it just so very well :D I'm in love with my girl once more thanks to her. Her faceup is wonderful and she deserves more spotlight for such a good job. <3 Thanks once more!
    7. I commissioned titytetee to do a faceup on my doll. Titytetee managed to draw the faceup faster than the stipulated time without compromising the quality. Love the faceup, it was exactly what I had wanted.
      Thanks a lot!!
    8. I commissioned Titytetee to do two more faceups and again I'm delighted with the job she did - and quickly, too! With great communication every step of the way. Thanks so much! :D
    9. I commisioned titytetee for my girl's face up and she do it perfectly as I requested! She shipped my girl right after and everything has been soo perfect and smooth! Thank you soo much dear!! You are the best! *hugssss* <333
    10. I commissioned titytetee for faceups for my pukipuki and Lati white, and they both came out beautifully--I love them. :) Titytetee was also so helpful and sweet throughout. I definitely won't hesitate to commission her again! :)
    11. One of the best face up artist ,in my humble opinion. I am looking forward to see more of her works in the future.
      I am happy that I commissioned titytetee for faceup for my Custom House Ange Ai Uri. What I had in mind, she did to my baby girl plus so much more. I love the finish product.

      Communication is super. Return packaging is secure and fast return shipping.

      Thank you ty! :)
    12. Titytetee purchased an LLTD open eyes roderich head from me. She was a pleasure to deal with. great communication. let me know when he had arrived. perfect transaction. highly recommend. thank you so much ^_____^
    13. I comissioned Titytee for faceups two of my bjd, and I'm definitely satisfied with my care =) Both comissions fit my requirements, I've got the heads yesterday, packed carefully and cute. Highly recommend this artist. Thank you, Tity!
    14. I've bought a LLT Roderich OE head from Titytetee with a face-up by her and everything was great!
      Fast and kind communication, quick shipping with the head safely wrapped in bubblewrap,
      a very cute note and even some candy.:fangirl:

      Roderich is simply gorgeous, she is a very talented face-up artist!
      I would definitely buy from her again, thank you so much for this beautiful boy.:chocoheart
    15. I had a great transaction with Titytetee
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!
    16. Sorry that this is a bit late.

      I bought a Harmony G Body from Tinytetee on layaway. The communication was great, and she was very understanding to give me a few extra days when I had to delay payment. The body arrived very well packed and in the condition described. Thank you!
    17. Recently purchased a head from Titytetee it was very well packaged they very nice and willing to work with me smooth and easy transaction would definitely do business again