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Feedback for Tobias

Jul 12, 2007

    1. There is feedback thread for Fantasy Doll Tobias,I have posted it too late.
      Thanks everyone!
    2. I have two Fantasy Doll bodies and two more on the way...and no doubt many more after that. The resin is strong, seams come fully sanded, it's wonderfully strung, gorgeously scultped. The lines are very clean and slender. They pose wonderfully and are very versatile. I am extremely happy and impressed with the Fantasy Doll body. Shipping was exceptionally fast too; shipped one week after my order was placed and took only 3 days into Darwin, which is extremely isolated. A really great new company.
    3. I bought a Fdoll boy Body and all that i can say is gorgeus!!
      Body came complete sanded, resin quality looks great, nice scultped and he poses very well.

      The company service is fast and very complete.

      Michael Yang is a very nice person to deal, answer always quickly to give us the most info posible.

      I would like to buy in Fdoll again!

    4. michael yang Thank you for this boy. He is the best for me.
    5. I bought a Tobias body, and am very pleased.
      The body was very well strung, a beautiful sculpt and was very easy to pose. I love the torso joint! <3