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Feedback for TobiasCamery

Apr 15, 2007

    1. Originally posted in wrong area ^^''''

      Ello all,
      I just wanted to get a thread started so that I have some feedback here as well as on ebay. So the possibility is that I've bought something from anyone on DoA, since i haven't sold anything on DoA yet.

      So please post if I've had any sort of transaction with you ^^

      Thanks a lot!! :)
    2. Thank you so much for selling your Harang. I am very happy with everything you did for me
    3. TobiasCamery commissioned me to open the eyes and do a faceup on her MNF Shushu elf boy, Xander. She was nothing but sweet and excited throughout the whole process, and I would gladly work with her again anytime! Thank you so much! :) :aheartbea
    4. Purchased so MNF hands from me ^^ Great buyer! Highly recommend ^^
    5. I participated in TobiasCamery's first group order. Luts and paypal both had hissyfits that held it up, but she handled it very well. :D
    6. i'm another participant in TobiasCamery's group order. she organised it very well and shipped my stuff asap. thanks!:D
    7. I took part in a Luts Group Order with TobiasCamery and everything turned out perfect even after a little problem with Luts. Everything was shipped on time and in perfect condition. Thanks, Tobias!
    8. hehehe... much later....
      I also was a participant in the group order that turned into the Neckpiece Saga From Hades. To be remembered in story and song for many an age to come. :)

      TobiasCamery was in no way the cause of the confusion and she handled everything elegantly and professionally. I wouldn't hesitate to get in on another group order with her - if she's ever brave enough to try it again! :)
    9. Yes!
      Of course, I was also in the GO, and besides Luts mixup it went through very easy!

      Tobias kept everyone informed, and went much out of her way to make sure everyone got everything they originally wanted.
    10. I also participated in the group order and Tobias did a very good job. Very communicative and friendly.
    11. I participated in the group order as well. Definetly went well, and recommended TobiasCamery to deal with!
    12. I had a perfect transaction with Tobias. Great communication, highly recommend!
    13. TobiasCamery participated in a Dollmore GO I ran. Tobias paid very very quickly and was extremely on top of things! Even though dollmore had messed up on her order, she was kind enough to wait and see if they can sort things out.

      I highly suggest doing business with TobiasCamery. I can assure you that you won't be dissappointed.
    14. OO finally got a feedback thread~ hhehe

      TobiasCamery commissioned wigs from my shop before. Smooth transaction, fast payment. ^^

      come back anytime~
    15. Bought a Kid Dollmore boy body from me. Prompt payment. Good communication. Excellent buyer! =) Thank you!
    16. TobiasCamery commissioned me for a surprise faceup.
      Promt payment, good communication.
      Thank you so much for this smooth transaction. :D
    17. Back again for a retouch of Xander's faceup. Again, nothing but a pleasure dealing with TobiasCamery. Thank you so much! :)
    18. She did a total service job on my PpoPpo...wiring, sueding, restringing...the whole nine yards.

      It was done within a week which really impressed me...and my Nuri is perfect now...I'm very pleased with the quality of her work.

      Highly recommend!

      (In the past I also was in a Cherishdoll order with her and that went very well too)
    19. TobiasCamery purchased a wig from me; fantastic communication and was very patient. I'd certainly do business with her again :) Thank you!
    20. wonderful transaction! I traded a Cherry Boy for a Doc Si. I recommend!