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Feedback for toffee

May 3, 2012

    1. Oh, I sold a head and bought a doll, I think I need a feedback thread.
      If you've done any business with me, please leave some feedback here! Thanks
    2. Wonderful transaction with toffee! I chose to have the head shipped the least expensive way possible, so it took quite a long time to arrive -- but it finally arrived in perfect condition!

      Leaving great feedback for toffee!!!
    3. I hate to do this, since it's my first time having to leave negative feedback on here. Communication was great when I first accepted toffee's commission order. I finished it a few weeks later and messaged her to get her approval and to accept payment, then ship off to her. She has never responded to the 3-4 private messages that I've sent to her since the beginning of September, even though she was online on Sept. 22nd.

      I would caution potential buyers and sellers to deal with toffee, as she does not seem to visit DoA any longer.