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Feedback for Tokiko

Aug 27, 2007

    1. If you've completed a transaction with me, please leave me some feedback! Thanks so much!:daisy
    2. Hello! Tokiko purchased her nobility lie doll from me- she was super nice and easy to communicate! She let me know when the doll arrived and send me some opening pictures!

      I couldn't ask for a better buyer! <3
    3. I bought/commissioned a yukata from Tokiko. Great quality, superfast shipping and very friendly seller. Would buy from her again :)
    4. I sold human hands and feet of Baha. She is an excelent buyer, paid quickly and let me know when the items arrived. Thank you! :D
    5. I joined group order with Tokiko to buy my boy's eyes and watches from SOOM. She is very kind and it's been great communication throughout the process. Thank you!! :aheartbea
    6. I think I did twice transaction with Tokiko since last year and this past Sunday. She bought a pair of hand from me last year and commissioned me to do her Ichigo's face up past Sunday. Great transaction with her and of course, fast payment and great dealing. XD

      Thank you my dear. XD
    7. Tokiko bought a Dollmore M body from me. Paid instant and great communication. Highly recommended buyer! Thank you very much!=)
    8. Tokiko bought a Luts Flood head from me. Prompt payment. Great communication! Highly recommend! Thanks so much!
    9. Another great transaction with Tokiko. She bought a Model Doll jeans from me and it was a perfect deal, prompt payment and very good communication. Recommended buyer! Thanks!
    10. I bought a Luts Summer Event 08 Man Head from Tokiko. The transaction went smoothly, and the head arrived quickly. After traveling so far, the box looked like someone sat on it, but with all the precautions Tokiko made in packing it, the head was perfectly fine. <3
      She's a good seller.
    11. I bought a BC body from Tokiko everything went perfect!
      Great emails, packaged correctly etc.
      Thank you so much!
      I'm very happy!

    12. Tokiko bought a wig from me. Very fast payment and super friendly ^^!! Would sell to her again.
    13. Sold a SDF body to Tokiko.
      She's a great buyer, paid fast and the transaction went smooth. Thank you again ^^
    14. I bought a Bobobie Lotus Body from Tokiko. It arrived in excellent condition, she shipped promptly, and overall, it was a very smooth transaction!

    15. Seller/Buyer
      Item bought/sold: Dollmore Model Body (Male)
      Quality of communication(1-10): 10
      Honesty of Listing(1-10): 9
      Satisfaction(1-10): 10
      Would you deal with this person again?: For sure, the shipping was quick, the body is lovely, he's well strung and arrived in good condition. :3
      Other comments: Reason for a 9: Just a few clerical errors. The seller listed EMS as shipping, and instead it was shipped as DHL. The doll is also a little dirty, a few nicks and scratches here and there, but it doesn't deter from the actual worth of the body and are perfectly fixable.
      This seller was also very helpful with resin matching, because I asked if a Soom head would work with the body. She provided a picture (A picture even I couldn't find) and the match is almost perfect. :D
    16. Tokiko and her split partner bought my LW Wien/Lati hybrid on layaway. Communication was superb and very well organized. We were in touch with each other throughout the entire process. Payments were quick and timely. I was notified once the doll arrived safely. I am very happy with this transaction and I hope to work with her again!

      A+ Thank you SOOO much! :D
    17. Tokiko bought a Soulkid Shaun from me. The transaction was hassle free and easy! She let me know as soon as she received him and that everything came in perfect condition. I would not hesitate to do business with her again! :) A++++++++!~
    18. Tokiko bought a Hunoi head from me. She was very great to do business with: Good communication, fast answers, fast payment and told me when she received him. Very smooth transaction overall. I would definitely do business with her again!