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Feedback for Tokimimotaku

Oct 1, 2010

    1. Hello all!

      I am going to start Tokimimotaku's feedback thread!

      So here goes...

      SHE IS AWESOME! I had some reservations about selling my RS Bao (Zesiro) because he was a gift, but I could tell that Tokimimotaku just adored him. She had a certain sparkle in her gaze (we met at a doll meet)...

      Well, she was very friendly and open about the transaction and did everything she could to accomodate my busy schedule. Fast payment, great communication, all smiles :)

      I highly reccommend her for all types of transactions!

    2. I sold a pair of boots to Tokimimotaku, she was very patient and was polite about the delay in shipping from the holidays. Fast payment and fast feedback along with a pm on when item arrived. Great buyer.
    3. Leaving feedback for the lovely Toki once more! I had the pleasure of selling some puki clothing to Toki and it was yet another enjoyable and flawless transaction :)
    4. I sold a HZ long red wig to Tokimimotaku, communication was excellent. Paid right away, super friendly. Also let me know as soon as the wig came in which is great! :P Thanks so much, I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Enjoy your wig. :D
    5. Toki was amazing to work with !

      I sold her a AOD ZiYuan and from her PMs I could tell she really adored my girl. I feel so happy my freya has gone to a good home. :) && she was really patient as I sometimes forget things she have told me and she'd reply very nicely.

      Also the tracking code had some problem and would not work for the first few days but she ensured me freya would reach just fine. What a positive buyer!

      All in all, toki makes an awesome buyer and I'd say, if u want to do business with her, don't hesitate !

    6. Tokimimotaku purchased some clothing items from my sales thread and was wonderful to work with! Very friendly pm's and payment was prompt. Thank you for letting me know when you received them! :)
    7. I bought an amazing wig from Tokimimotaku,
      She was quick with responses, and very kind! It was shipped supa fast, and when it came she even added some extras for the holidays!
      All in all, great seller, and I would buy from her again! <3
    8. I had to add it due to the fact she was not able to get to my Thread. (If not trusted you can contact Fiyore to verify)
    9. I sold BBB/RS Ariel to Tokimimotaku and she was a pleasure to work with :)
    10. Tokimimotaku bought some MSD clothes from me and all went well. Would deal with again!
    11. Tokimimotaku bought a MSD fur wig from me, and everything went perfectly! Fast payment and great communication...highly recommended :)
    12. Tokimimotaku bought some assorted doll clothes from me. Payment was sent exactly when promised, and communication was great. Highly recommended buyer. :)
    13. Sold to Tokimimotaku, fast payment and kept in-touch, thanks so much! =^_^=
    14. Tokimimotaku bought quite a few pair of eyes from me, fast to pay and let me know when package arrived, have sold to her before, and will do it again.
    15. Toki purchased some jointed hands from me. She was prompt and exactly on the schedule she said she would be for the payment and told me as soon as the package arrived. She had great communication, very fast. I recommend her to everyone!
    16. Toki bought a dolly shirt from me. Her replies were prompt, and payment was fast.
      Thanks again!
    17. Tokimimotaku bought a wig and some eyes from me~

      Really pleasant throughout, paid promptly, and let me know when the items arrived.

      Thanks again! :aheartbea
    18. Toki bought some kelly clothes from me, it was a super smooth transaction, toki is an awesome buyer! Thanks :)
    19. I couldn't find a feedback thread, so I've gone ahead and made one!

      Tokimimotaku&#8206; bought a Minifee Scar Shiwoo head from me. I was paid very quickly via a mailed in money order with no issues whatsoever.
    20. Purchased a DZ Aimi from her while at a meet. Very easy to talk to and was happy to give me a short layaway. Transaction was great! High marks as a seller. :)