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Feedback for tokisama

Feb 28, 2008

    1. I did not see a thread so here I go!

      Great customer, asked appropriate questions, and was very friendly! I appreciated that she let me know when she received the Luts wig and when she would leave me feedback. Thanks for a great transaction!
    2. Suzuka bought an SD couch from me and we worked out a great time plan for her to purchase it. She's very communicative and a pleasure to do business with. Well worth the time. :) Hope to do business again.
    3. spelled name out wrong. Sorry

    4. Again, I'm sorry about the sleeve thing! Ordered some clothing from me and is a really nice, friendly, understanding customer. Thanks much!
    5. I sold pair of eyes to her. The transaction went very smoothly! She's nice and sweet! Highly Recommend!! Thank you again!!!
    6. Bought a pair of 16mmDOlmore eyes from Tokisama. Shipping was super quick and comunication was pleasant. Thanks again!
    7. tokisama purchased a pair of boots from me. Payement was fast. Great transactions! Nice to deal with! Thank you!! :)
    8. I sold a pair of Iplehouse jeans to tokisama, a great transaction! :} Pleasure to deal with you, thanks again!
    9. tokisama bought a necklace and a wig from me. Two transactions that were quite satisfactory! Great to deal with, she let me know when the items arrived!
      Thanks again! :aheartbea
    10. tokisama bought a pair of jeans from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thank you!
    11. Sold a pair of Sadol pants to tokisama with no problem. Paid prompty, really nice in PM's and informed me when they arrived. Thanks! :)
    12. tokisama commissioned a shirt from me :) the communication was great, fast payment.
      A pleasure to do business with her :D
    13. I bought a wig from tokisama. She was polite and helpful, and the wig came in good condition, well packaged. I would definitely recommend dealing with this seller! :D
    14. Tokisama bought sadol pants from me. She's wonderful to deal with. Payment was fast and communication was great! Wonderful buyer!
    15. Tokisama was a participant in my Dollmore group order. Everything went smoothly and she was very easy to deal with, not to mention that she paid promptly. :) I wouldn't mind dealing with her again at all.

      Thank you for being such a wonderful participant. :D

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    16. tokisama bought a shirt from me. Great transaction with prompt payment, thank you so much!
    17. tokisama joined one of my Dollmore group orders, and everything was perfect ^^

      Lovely and friendly, a real pleasure to deal with ;)

      Thanks so much! <3
    18. I bought a pair of sneakers from tokisama... awesome shoes, smooth transaction, great communication, no problems at all. Thanks so much!! :aheartbea
    19. I purchased a shirt from tokisama. Everything went super smooth. She was a pleasure to work with. :)
    20. tokisama commissioned me for a face up and modification and everything went great! She was nice, helpful and prompt with payment and shipping ^^