Feedback for TomDavy

Nov 24, 2016

    1. Please add feedback when I'm buying items from you, and when you buy something from me. I appreciate it.

      Thank you
    2. I sold a Dollfie Dream to TomDavy. He paid promptly and let me know when she arrived safely. Thanks!
    3. I sold an iplehouse Cherie to Tom. He is a very kind and easy person to talk to and work with. It was a wonderful and positive experience. I would be very happy to do business with him again.
    4. I bought some Smart Doll clothes from Tom, he was super nice and it was an overall great transaction! Items were in pristine condition and packaged carefully and securely. Thanks again!! I'd definitely buy again & recommend him <3
    5. I sold FP60 moe-line body to TomDavy. He paid promptly and it is easy to talk with him. Thank you!
    6. TomDavy purchased a Fairyland event head from me! He paid quickly & was always prompt in his responses. Thank you again!
    7. Tom bought a wig from me and it was a great transaction. Good communication, timely payment and he let me know when he received the item. Thank you so much!
    8. Tom bought a DD Kirika Towa Alma from me and was lovely to deal with. He paid promptly and had excellent communication. I can easily and happily recommend him to anyone conducting business on DoA. Thank you so much and I am so glad to know you! :aheartbea:thumbup:aheartbea
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    9. I bought my first BJD, a Minifee Chloe, from Tom. She came with lots of clothes, two pairs of shoes, several extra hands, high heel feet, a wig and eyes. Tom was wonderful to buy from. He was happy to answer all my questions and send me any pictures I asked for. He packaged everything very securely, so everything arrived perfect, without any damage. He clearly takes very good care of his dolls, everything was in good condition. I can’t imagine a better experience for my first purchase in the BJD world :)
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    10. I sold my feeple ria to Tom; very smooth excellent transaction. Paid right away and let me know when she arrived safe. Would 100% recommend and would happily deal with him again. :)
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    11. Tom bought a Volks Designer collection Lady Wizard set and some resin eyes from me. Tom was a very nice buyer! Honest and trustworthy! I am so happy with the transaction! He paid promptly and has been very patience even sometimes I couldn’t response msg promptly! Thank you very much!! :) BTW, I like Tom’s IG dollies photos a lot! :)
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    12. Tom sold me his Volks Archer Outfit.
      The package arrived quickly and safely. The communication was very friendly. I highly recommend Tom as a saler !
      Thank you so much again ! :chibi
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    13. I have bought Smart doll Ebony from Tom. Doll was in excellent condition. Shipment was fast and doll was wrapped safely while traveled. Thank you very much!
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    14. I bought a Fairyland feeple60 Ria which was in excellent condition, She was nice and sweet to talk to and the shipment was fast. She was wrapped nicely and had a lovely facemask to help protecting the faceup :D All in all i am really pleased :D
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    15. Tom is an excellent buyer. Fast payment, awesome communication! Always glad to sell to a true collector.
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    16. Thanks for buying outfit for Iplehouse SID. Responsible Buyer. Fast payment. The deal went perfectly. He is very pleasant in communication. Thank you for the beautiful photos in my outfit. I hope for further cooperation. I am very happy to meet you!<3<3<3
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