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Feedback for Tonic

Jul 17, 2011

    1. This is the feedback thread for Tonic.

      I appreciate your feedback and will leave feedback for all of my completed transactions.

      Thank you :)
    2. I comissioned Tonic for a tattoo piece on my boy. She did a fanastical job on him, as well as keeping me informed every step of the way. A+++++
    3. I bought a Ringdoll arm from Tonic! It came today.

      I have to say that everything was super awesome in this transaction -- the only fault was mine, as I'd originally contacted her a few months ago about the same arm, but never went anywhere with communication for awhile because of my varied schedule and lack of constant internet access. Luckily, when I contacted her again awhile ago, the arm was still available, this time for purchase.

      I bought the arm and paid for its shipping, and it came SUPER quickly, more quickly than I ever thought it would! Thanks so much, TOnic, for the amazing communication, all the extra pictures, the good humour, and for being an excellent seller and great conversationalist. Would recommend to all! :)

    4. I sold a Resinsoul 70cm body to Tonic and everything went smoothly. She kept in touch throughout the whole transaction and let me know the day it arrived.
    5. Tonic bought a pair of tiny shoes, eyes and Sony Vaio laptop prop from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt responses and payment. A pleasure to trade with! Thank you and hope your little one likes the items! :)
    6. I sold AI iriya to tonic, she's very patient and lovely even I got problems checking on my paypal during the transaction. Thank you. I wouldn't hasitate dealing with her again.