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feedback for Torimiko

Jul 20, 2007

    1. hi, its been requested that I make a feedback thread. So, I guess if you've worked with me, please leave me feedback. Thank you.
    2. Torimiko is the sweetest to work with! She joined my Bambicrony group order and was wonderful! Paid promptly, communicated very well, and was a pleasure to work with! POSITIVE!

    3. Torimiko is a great person to deal with. Had a transaction with her when I was clearing out PVC . Paid promptly and clear communication. Thank you
    4. She bought a vest from me, great transaction :)
    5. I purchased wonderful JD head from Torimiko, communication was great and fast and delivery even faster. She also sent me a super surprise with the head, which is in perfect conduction Fantastic transaction.
    6. Torimiko and I worked together on a Minimee head order. She is a wonderful person to deal with....keeps things up to date. A pleasure in all ways....and I would do it again in a heartbeat! :)
    7. Torimiko sold a minimee boy body to me. She packed very well, sent him promptly and warned me via pm about the postal holiday which would slow my package down by a day (thanks for that!) The body arrived today in the promised condition. The package and doll were perfectly clean and odorless, and he looks great.

      Reliable seller, great purchase. Thanks again!
    8. I've had the wonderful pleasure to get to play with and paint two of torimiko's dolls, and I have to say, I absolutely love painting them. She's such a gem to work with and is always so enthusiastic about my paint jobs.

      That sounds so dirty. Dirty and wonderful. X3

      Thank you, Nicole! *hugs*
    9. I've sold torimiko a pair of Senior Delf hands. Communication was pleasant and payment was received very fast. It was a pleasure to do business with torimiko. ^_^
    10. I sold a pair of hand to Torimiko , Torimiko paid right away, and it was a smooth transaction. will sell again. A+++++buyer :)
    11. I was in a GO with Torimiko for a Minimee Beauty and the Beast Vincent head, and it about the best I've been in, she kept us up to date, became worried with us when there was no word/ or there was a problem, and when they came in, let us know immediately and shipped them super fast..mine was shipped on 4/19 and I got it today 4/21, well packaged and wonderful!!
      thank you so much for giving me the chance to get my ultimate holy grail doll!!!!
    12. My mom bought a Tan Tinybear Fat Fairy Coco from Torimiko on Layaway. She has to be of the most friendly BJD people around - she was great with communication, sent the doll well-packaged and with lots of extras. One couldn't ask for better!

      Excellent seller and person. Thank you so, so much. :)
    13. I did a GO on Beauty and the Beast Vincent that Torimiko coordinated. She was the a best to work with as she kept us informed and up to date PLUS set up a cool site for B&B clothes references. She is wonderful to work with and fun to play with!
    14. I participated in a GO torimiko ran for the DIM Vincent Minimee head. She was awesome to work with, very informative, kept us updated at every turn, shipped super fast, and is incredibly nice. Not to mention she also set up a yahoo group for us, and provided us with links, pictures and lots of ideas. Thanks so much for letting me jump in!
    15. She bought a dress from me. Amazing to work with! Thank you so much!! <3
    16. Torimiko was great when we worked together on a DIM Vincent Minimee GO for the remaining heads. She dealt with Denny and kept everybody up to date on the order status....and she also had the fun of getting the heads to their new guardians. Great job....again!

      I credit the great experience with torimiko for my finally deciding to handle some of my own GOs. Thanks and Hugs!

    17. Hi I was in the GO for Vincent head- though through ZOZ. Great job Torimiko and thanks!
    18. I recently completed a face-up for Torimiko-a friendly person and the entire transaction went VERY smoothly! :)
    19. Torimiko bought an outfit from me. She paid promptly and was a pleasure to work with.
      Great buyer!
    20. Torimiko -- joined in on my TATA GO!! Communication was great and payment was quick! Very very nice to do business with!! ^__^