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Feedback for toshirodragon

Jan 5, 2009

    1. toshirodragon was great to deal with prompt payment and friendly!:D
      she bought a msd shirt from me and was very easy to deal with

      I reccomended buyer!!
    2. Toshirodragon bought a pair of dollmore cargo pants off me the other week. Payment was swift (immediate payment actually) and communication was great. The over all transaction was wonderful, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with again in the future :)
    3. I really SHOULD subscribe to my own feedback thread!

      Thanks elfgirlkaname for setting it up since I hadn't thought of doing it myself!

      Thank you Aralyne for being so helpful! I think I like these pants enough to order a second pair for a backup. :lol:
    4. I dealt with toshirodragon again with much delight :) she commisioned 2 shirts form me and as soon as I was done she paid that day!! :o :D very nice and patient when it took longer than I thought it would :)
    5. Toshirodragon bought a Miho head from me, payment was prompt and communication was great throughout the transaction! Highly recommend~
    6. toshiodragon commisioned me again
      an outfit for her 70cm boy
      she paid promptly and was courteous and friendly as always
    7. Participated in a Dollmore Group order of mine, paid very quickly and great communication, would love to have you in the group again!
    8. She was a member in a Dollmore GO. She didn't hinder it and was nice along with everyone else!! :3
    9. Sold a DZ Fox Petdoll to toshirodragon. Extremely quick payment; wonderful to work with. Will not hesitate to do business with again
    10. Toshirodragon bought some 70cm boots from me -- she was a delight to deal with and I'd be happy to sell to her again any time! Mahalo, Kris, and I can't wait to see your boy modeling his new goodies! :fangirl:
    11. another great transaction with toshiodragon ^^
      she commisioned 2 pairs of pants from me :)
      very nice as always, prompt payment and she Pmed me when she got them!

      (@toshiodragon: sorry I couldn't get them done before your vacation, and thank you for being so patient *hugs*)
    12. Toshirodragon participated in an Iplehouse group order that I recently ran. She was a great participant who paid in a timely manner, and was very patient throughout the unexpected lengthy wait to receive our items from Iplehouse. It was unfortunate that her items didn't make it in time for her trip, but she was very understanding about this inconvenience. Thanks for participating in my group order!
    13. Toshirodragon took part in my second Migidoll group order and everything was just peachy! :D Communication left absolutely nothing to be desired and payments were sent in promptly. She was a pleasure to work with and I would gladly do business with her again in the future.

      :bcake Thank you for participating in one of my group orders! :bcake
    14. Had a wonderful transaction with Toshirodragon. She commissioned a dress *ahem*Sheath*ahem* and Cloak from me. We made a payment plan ahead of time, she paid promptly at the agreed time, and was just splendid to work with the whole way through. she even sent me to the thread showing photos of her boy in his new threads ^.^ Fun!
    15. Sold toshirodragon a shirt, and she kept good communication, letting me know when the shirt arrived - with pix! - and paid with no problems! :)
    16. Had a great transaction with toshirodragon! She ordered two fur wigs from me, was quick and friendly with payment and communication, and let me know when it arrived safely, as requested! I'd definitely do business with her again. Thanks!