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Feedback for transactions with tigerlily

Jul 19, 2006

    1. Please post your feedback here. Thank you.
    2. tigerlily bought a pocket fairy fei from me. She wanted to do layway but was super quick with her payments and very nice. She let me know right away when the package arrived. I highly recommend this person as a buyer!
    3. Tigerlily is a pleasure to deal with. She has bought several pairs of eyes from me and pays quickly.
    4. I bought a hound from her, and it was a wonderful transaction!
    5. tigerlily is really a good buyer ^_^
      very nice~
    6. I bought a wig from Tigerlily. She is a amazing seller. Kept me up-to-date throughout the transaction. Very prompt in replying and an UBERfast shipper :)
    7. I did a dolly trade with tigerlily, my first trade of this sort, and it was a very pleasent experience. She kept me updated when the doll arrived to her and when she shipped mine out to me. Thanks so much! ^^
    8. Bought from tigerlily, excellent seller, awesome to deal with! :D
    9. I bought some clothes from Tigerlilt SHE WAS AWESOME!
      They were well made from minuroworld. she was awesome with communication and all the items were new!! better than described thanks so much !:fangirl: