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feedback for treehugger1961

Apr 14, 2010

    1. I sold Resinsoul Lian to treehugger1961 and she was absolutely lovely to deal with. She payd quickly and comunication was excellent. I really hope to do business with you again and wouldnt mind to be friends.
    2. Swapped my DZ Linlan for Treehugger1961's Elfdoll Emma, she's lovely (Emma & Treehugger1961!). Swap went very fast, very friendly, helpful person and a pleasure to do business with :)
    3. treehugger1961 purchased jointed hands from me.
      Paid fast and communication was great! Would love to see her back!
    4. She bought my Elfdoll Sibara. Michelle is a great friendly person and fun to deal with. It was a good transaction with excellent communication. I'd love to do business with her again and would recommend her.
    5. Bought a head from treehugger, was a really easy deal. She was always friendly and helpful.
      Just sold a head to her, she always paid on time and was quick to repond. I hope to deal with her again sometime! Shes great fun :)
    6. I just completed a commission for Treehugger1961 and it couldn't have gone more beautifully! Treehugger1961 was a joy to work with throughout and I hope to do business with her again!
    7. Treehugger1961 joined a split that I ran for a Soom Io. She received a pair of jointed hands. Her payments were always on time, and she was very communicative! She was really a joy to have in my split, and I would definitely recommend her to everyone. Thanks again, treehugger1961.
    8. treehugger1961 Participated in my Dollmore go, ad was absolute pleasure to work with. She answered all emails fast, payed without delays, and let me know when package arrived.
    9. She bought my Dollshe Saint and as always, was a pleasure to deal with. Payment was fast, communication great, and I'm happy my boy has gone to such a good home.
    10. I sold a Dollstown Yeondu head to treehugger1961. It was a very smooth and friendly transaction - she was lovely to deal with.
    11. I bought a Soom SG body and jointed hands from treehugger1961. She answered all my questions very fast, provided detailed photos, and shipped the items the same day I paid. Communication was very pleasant, she is such a kind and helpful person! A true pleasure to deal with :) I surely recommend her!
    12. She bought my DT Seola head and as always, was a pleasure to deal with. I hope you enjoy your new girl and find her a body soon!
    13. I just got the most beautiful Bomi :aheartbeain the world from treehuger and shipping was lightning speed!:D She is also the nicest person in the world and Bomi will be loved for a long time. Thank you so much treehuger:sumomo:
    14. Michelle bought a doll from me and was a joy to deal with. She is very kind, paid promptly and was always responsive. I hope we'll cross paths again. Highly recommendable! Thank you<3
    15. Michelle bought another dress from me and as always was just great to deal with. She's an excellent buyer and is always reliable.
    16. Treehugger1961 bought handmade clothes from me,
      She is fast, kindly and friendly transaction. Payment was prompt and inform me when items arrived.
      Highly Recommend her! 100% Positive ><

      Thank you so much X3
    17. i bought a dz body and a pair of shoes from treehugger through doa, and as always she is the best to buy from! now my floating head has a body to be proud of! xx